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Approved (Limited) status on adwords

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Ok, i struggle with the entire approval process and am looking for clarity, but have been given very little,

In adwords express, no issue placing ads for my company (Crane training), not adult, not drug related, not gambling, simply a safety training company in Alberta Canada.


When posting in adwords express, the kw selection kept re-populating to what Google felt would be acceptable based on the input I provided.  I then when in to further clarify by de-selecting those kw's that were not applicable, saving the selection as well.  At the very next day, upon re-freshing the process, those same kw's I had previously de-selected were back and upon my discussion with a Google representative, he kindly advised that in adword express this was a default and advised that my ad as it was, should be switched over to standard adwords.


So, with his guidance (a very simple process btw), I did this, followed the set up and placed the ad, now it shows as 'limited' and can not see for the life of me, why this is so.  Again, to reiterate, we provide a crane safety training business in Alberta Canada.  

We do not provide: 

  • Drug testing
  • Gambling
  • Adult content
  • Credit cards
  • Under 18

Basically from what i've read, we DO NOT, nor have we ever used any language that is deemed unacceptable so what is the issue?


Very limited, specific niche, express had no problems, now standard Adwords does.

I am very frustrated and given I spend little $$$, it may be easier to use bing instead.


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Re: Approved (Limited) status on adwords

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Hi @Steve B have you asked your Google rep what the cause of the Limited status is (or, failing that, getting in touch with Support)?  They'll know the reason for the status and once you know that you should be able to resolve the issue.


Note that "limited" status can also be applied for Ads using trademarked terms, so that's something else to look out for.


Get in touch with support and they should be able to resolve the issue for you.



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