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Dear CocoP,


Thanks for your answer.


I read the link. It says it's all right & acceptable to AdWords if the affiliate marketer links to a website that's not an ecommerce site & is being used as a payment gateway.


But in this case, the website is linking to Amazon, which is an ecommerce website - the world's largest one in fact. Would this be a problem?


Could I have your opinion please?


Thanks in advance.

Affiliate Marketing Website

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I have been approached by a person who wishes to promote his website affiliated to Amazon. The website is


Now his website has original content. And the landing pages, say or are not bridge pages.


However, once you proceed to checkout, you are taken to Amazon main site.


Can such a website be advertised on AdWords in the US?


Opinions would be welcome.



Re: Affiliate Marketing Website

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Hi there,

For this scenario (site with original content that bridges to an ecommerce platform during the purchase process), we consider it a high quality bridge page, and there is an exception for this in our bridge page policy.

Here's what's allowed:
Websites that lead to e-commerce platforms on another domain (for example, a shop that leads to a third-party site that purely acts as a secure server to process payments and isn't a shop itself).

It sounds like this is the site scenario you're describing. Just to be sure, parse through this article (, which also includes a video about creating a high-quality bridge page.

Hope that helps!