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Adwords and Clickbank as a payment processor compatibility

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Hi there,


I’m a Clickbank vendor, that is a merchant who is offering his own product via Clickbank platform but  using Clickbank only as a secure server to process payments.


 I’d like to use Adwords as a source of ppc  traffic.


 However. I’ve heard many horror stories about the “difficult” relationship between  Adwords and Clickbank and about many Adwords accounts being banned in light of these stories.


Are these horror stories related only to affiliates?


Is it generally safe Clickbank to be used  as a payment processors only or  I will  put my Adwords account at risk to be banned?


Another thing that bothers me is Adwords definition of a bridge page:

It is allowed Adwords to be used by  “Websites that lead to e-commerce platforms on another domain (for example, a shop that leads to a third-party site that purely acts as a secure server to process payments and isn't a shop itself).”


On the one hand Clcikbank is a payment processor however, on the other hand it might be considered or mistaken  as a shop or it resembles a shop.

I’d be very glad if a Google Adwords  support specialist give me a clear answer  if the usage of Clickbank as a payment processor is in line with Adwords Advertising policies provided all other Adwords advertising requirements, not connected  to  Clickbank,  are satisfied.


Thank you,


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Re: Adwords and Clickbank as a payment processor compatibility

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Google Employee

Hi Lacho,


Thank you for posting on our Community forum. Since your question is not one we often get in our Community, I highly recommend you reach out to our AdWords phone support specialist. You can contact a specialist at this link: 

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Re: Adwords and Clickbank as a payment processor compatibility

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Well... JP is correct that questions about "clickbank" are rare.  However, if you run a search on the community for "clickbank " -  you would find a number of old posts...


Google does not officially ban "clickbank".  But something in the "relationship" between the two doesn't work well... Especially, as you mentioned,   clickbank affiliate programs. However; I would be cautious using clickbank as a payment caring service.

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