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Adwords account Suspended due to other Related Accounts.

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Hello Team, 


                    We are advertising with Google for Some time all of a sudden our account was suspended due to policy violation in the beginening we are not able to find the what was the trouble but finally we found that one of our account manager created an ad which is against the landing page policy. Instead of resolving the issue with this account we tried to create multiple accounts but Google system found all our account and clubed in to one main account we are not aware of that Google has such a Technology that even tracks the ip address and even every single info of the Suspended account in the past since our Business is Based On Online Marketing we have tried to move to other possible ads in the internet such as Bing and and .....Much more but we have compared the results after spending thousands of Dollars in the other advertisement technology came to conculation that no other advertisement company can match with Google we decided to come to back to google and hired some one to Find out the current advertiser policy and designed a website for the new policy's and submitted the ads for review after a day we have received an email stating that

While reviewing your account, we found violations of our AdWords policies in this or a related account. As a result, your account has unfortunately been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on Google. 

For information on the terms associated with AdWords account use, please review our Terms and Conditions at:

If you have a prepaid balance remaining in your account, you can request a refund at any time by following the instructions at:

If you believe that you meet all of our Terms and Conditions and want to make an appeal, fill in the following form:

Please be aware that we can't process your request unless our Terms and Conditions are met.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,
The Google AdWords Team


Now its seems like because of the other account which was created by our team this main account is been cancelled in order to resolve the issue with other accounts what do i have to do either cancel those accounts .



Please let me know what can be done to resolve the issue with the Main accounts.





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Re: Adwords account Suspended due to other Related Accounts.

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Please see this discussion and the linked discussions on this topic. It's been addressed quite a few times here on this forum.

Re: Adwords account Suspended due to other Related Accounts.

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Hello Dave,

Hope You did not gone through what the issue is its just about technical support that you are referring to But my question is How can i resolve the Multiple account issue Because of the Other Related accounts with the Main account is Been Violating the policy it means that i have resolved the User safety policy and Technical support Requirements as per my knowledge its some thing that i am facing a Double serving policy because of multiple adwords accounts now the Main account is not able to fixed in order to solve this what i have to do>>>???