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Adwords Double Standard in Approval?

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Hi all,


I was made to understand that "Ads can't contain generic call-to-action phrases such as "click here" or other similar phrases that could apply to any ad, regardless of content." in "Professional Standards" ad policies. And my image ads were disapproved several times due to that.


However, I came across several adwords image ads with a "CLICK HERE" call-to-action button, and they are running happily on GDN. Why the double standard? Do high-spenders enjoy special privileges of less restrictions?


Here is a sample of a live adwords image ad running happily on GDN:



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Re: Adwords Double Standard in Approval?

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Hi Chris,

Welcome to the community!

So this is always a interesting question - You can refer this post and especially the last reply:

I quotes it as follows:

I've created a test campaign with banner ads that say 'Click Here' and found the ads to be approved. However, this doesn't necessarily mean those ads are compliant with AdWords policies.

I found this article that says 'rules that apply to text ads generally apply to image ads too' and this article that says 'Ads can't use call-to-action phrases such as "click here" or "click +1" that could apply to any ad, regardless of content.' Although these articles don't directly say Image ads shouldn't have call to action phrases like 'Click Here', I wouldn't go for it, as ads may be disapproved later.

You can give it a shot as your client is insisting on those phrases, but you can't be too sure about the approval status going ahead.

Hope this helps,


Re: Adwords Double Standard in Approval?

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You can report the violation here:
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