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Adwords Display Ads - New files sizes?

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Has anyone noticed that the new image ad file size increased to 150kb?


I tested an upload of 80kb file which was not rejected so looks like this is live.


Can anyone else confirm? When it launched etc? No announcement by Google and don't see anyone talking about it either.

Still a number of adwords help sites out there with the old specs of 50kb... very unclear.


Will have consequences for cross media buying as well as ad serving when consolidating ad creation.

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September 2015

Re: Adwords Display Ads - New files sizes?

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Hi Lesley... yes - I posted about this just a few days ago - it seems to be very new.


I posted a bunch of ads over the weekend for one particular client at the new sizes and up to the 150kb mark - and they were all accepted. I'm hoping they will be approved today or tomorrow as they are still under review.


The interesting thing will be to see how much inventory there is for these ads as - obviously - the GDN has to have slots at this size - which means AdSense clients need to update their webs to accept them. I have a couple of pages that carry AdSense ads and have not received anything from Google as yet to tell me that I can update to accept these new sizes, but I am in Spain and they might be rolling it out slowly... although my Spanish accounts have these new sizes available.


It seems to have come as something of a surprise to just about all of us... Thank goodness they didn't announce it on April 1st....

Re: Adwords Display Ads - New files sizes?

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Hi Steve

Thanks for your feedback.


A bit disappointing that Google didn't consider the broader display landscape though.

Most media buying goes across multi channels and publishers - each with their own ad specs - but all under 50kb file weight until now. Not even their own products DFA or DBM accept these large file sizes.


Oh well, I guess we just have to see how this pans out.


Do let me know if you see any issues coming from your AdSense delivery.




Re: Adwords Display Ads - New files sizes?

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The issue I guess they are seeing with landscape is that it pushes content down the page much more than portrait - which can have content to the side. The more content is pushed below the fold the less likely the host pages will be to use the ad slots. I certainly wouldn't place a landscape ad which took up half my landing page.