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Adwords Complaint form a waste of time as no action are taken

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I have posted numerous messages to gogole related to a site that continues to violate policy and to date still nothing gets done...  HELLO GOOGLE ARE YOU LISTENING............



Site continues to violate make changes and violates again and to date no action is taken.....


Google allows the promotion of sites that charge for services associated with products or services that may otherwise be available for free or available from an official form or service, as long as the following disclosures are presented together, prominently above the fold on all landing pages.


Re: Adwords Complaint form a waste of time as no action are taken

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The site states the added value that theirweb site allows:

Easy online booking process - the site is exactly like the governments automated application process

Secure online payment - Government provides secure online payment

Instant email confirmation - Government provides instant email when submitting orders

Order can be amended prior to final processing - Government provides access to modify orders before final process

24/7 customer service centre - They state that priovide an extra 12 hour customer support still waiting for a response to an email in respect of the certificate I have ordered 18 hours later....

Standard Service:£29.95 - Government - £9.25
Standard Plus:£49.95 - Government - £9.25
Priority Service:£69.95 - Government - £23.40

Can someone please explain where I am going wrong here please ??????

Google clearly states the following:

•The site must describe the additional services offered that are unavailable from the government, official source or free source. Advertisers should not misrepresent the value that they add by highlighting features or services available from the official source for free.
•Your ads and landing pages cannot promote services that provide little or no additional value to the user beyond the original or official online or automated application process.