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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Adwords Account Suspended

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hello community, thanks a lot for help.

i need some kind of information here regarding my adwords has been suspended by google

my site sell snacks, do not break the rules

a few months ago i got free adwords coupon, so i decide to use it, but the coupon is only for US account, so i fake the address to US account so i can use that coupon.

i want to use that account for long term, not as just using the coupons,i put the real credit card data but im forgot that i put the billing address same as my profile address, that caused my account to be suspended.

i had ask for reconsideration. twice. but the rensponse is still the same

my adwords has been suspended and break the google adwords terms and policy, they tell me to not making another adwords account anymore, but i try make one, now get suspended to (just pay 20$, getting refund)


so how must i do to unsuspended me from adwords?

i only have one website, i think when i use my brother or firends credit card, google still know that my site is blacklisted

when i decide to use adwords certified partner, would the account being suspended to because they running my website campaign?

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Re: Adwords Account Suspended

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Im sorry but you have violated adwords policies by using fake address and now you asking how to start another account without noticing to google? I really don't think its possible or I dont think you should ask it here anyway. You just can't violate policies like that by knowing you violating it and try to create another one like nothing happened.

Also I don't think any certified partner will take this case and start creating different account for you because if they do it, they will be the party in trouble.

Re: Adwords Account Suspended

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yes i know i am violated adwords policies, i am also said to google policy teams, i have explained that i know i am wrong, but i doesnt have a good badwill because i attach my real credit card, i also pay the advertising fee
i just fake the address because i blindly just want to use that 100$ coupons. i think its pretty normal that we use some service before read clearly "ALL" the terms