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Adword trademark questions

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Hello, can you all help me clear up some questions?


1) If my company is called ABC and I have it trademarked I am able to ask Google not to allow advertisers from using it as a keyword 'ABC'?

2) If my company is called ABC, I'm not able to ask Google not to allow advertisers to use the keyword '' UNLESS I have '' also trademarked?

3) if my company is called ABC, I assume I am unable to ask Google to stop advertisers from using my name plus an additional term. For example: 'ABC lights', 'ABC fans' etc etc





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Re: Adword trademark questions

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Trademark policy differs per region.


You may want to learn from What is Google's trademark policy for resellers and informational sites?


According to the Help Center:


What criteria are you using to decide which ads can run?

We use multiple criteria to determine whether an ad containing a given term adheres to our policy. We permit a trademarked term to be used in the ad text of ads that appear to be submitted by resellers, informational sites, the makers or resellers of components or parts for the goods and services related to the trademark term, or compatible components or parts for the goods and services related to the trademark term. The product or service from resellers must be on the ad's landing page and must be clearly available for purchase.



Can my trademark be excluded from this policy change?

No. Ads will be permitted to run in the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada if they adhere to Google's policy. If you are concerned that ads have been approved but do not adhere to the policy, please use the online complaint form that's linked to the article below.


What is Google's AdWords trademark policy ?

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Re: Adword trademark questions

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Hi carlos-vernon;


Generally speaking, Google will not allow to show your trade-name in ads, but will allow to use it (in most countries) as a keyword.

The policy for a trademark is a territory dependent, varies by local laws.


Please check the relevant section of the Policy, in your country


What is Google's AdWords and AdSense trademark policy?

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