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Adword Account Suspended for malicious content

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We recently received the "Ads not running due to AdWords Advertising Policies" email.   The site was already verified in Google WMT, however there are no manual actions or security issues showing in the dashboard for our website.   

We did run a scan on Sucuri and McAfee and both showed the website as minimal risk.   We ran it through some other malware scans and it came back clean.   I also ran it through a Google Safe Browsing diagnostic tool I found online and it says that there is no malware on the site and in the past 90 days it has not detected any.    

I checked the external links on the site - there are only 7 sites we link out to, mostly for plugins on the site.   All domains were clean, except for one - - it looks like there has been some malware on their site.   We had some javascript in the header of our site which linked to (it was for displaying blog posts on our site) -  we have a subscription to yext.   We didn't need it on the site (we don't really know why we had it there to begin with) so we removed it.  


As far as I can tell at this point, the website is free from malware - we've done our due diligence.  I would like to get the site reviewed, however I dont have anywhere to go and request one.   The information i have read so far keeps pointing me back to Webmaster Tools and submitting a reconsideration, but since Google hasn't flagged our site, there is no where to do this.    


Can someone helps us get our ads running again or point us in the right direction of how else we can request a reconsideration? 







We wanted to alert you that one of your sites violates our advertising policies. Therefore, we won't be able to run any of your ads that link to that site, and any new ads pointing to that site will also be disapproved.


Here's what you can do to fix your site and hopefully get your ad running



  1. Make the necessary changes to your site that currently violates our



      Display URL:



      Policy violation: Malicious content

      Details & instructions:



  1. Resubmit your site to us, following the instructions in the link above. If your site complies with our policies, we can approve it to start running again.


Repeated violations of our advertising policies could result in a suspension of your AdWords account, so it's important to address any issues as soon as possible by reviewing our policies. To learn more about AdWords suspension policies, please visit



The Google AdWords Team


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Re: Adword Account Suspended for malicious content

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi George,

Can you please share your website url here?


Re: Adword Account Suspended for malicious content

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

Hi there;
If you are certain that the site has no malicious content, you can resubmit it using this link;

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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