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Adult Classification

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Hi All, 


I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed the removal of the adult classification to be replaced by limited. 


In in one of the accounts that I managed and a few partner accounts all ads have been switched over. Has anyone seen any correspondence from Google? I can't seem to find anything anywhere and even the links for definitions have been removed from their Adwords support site. 

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Re: Adult Classification

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Hello Luke,


these policies are country, product type and advertising network(Search, Display etc.) dependent. You should check latest policy for adult content here,



Adult Classification

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Many thanks Tomáš, 


I was just wondering if someone had noticed the change and knew of any correspondence from Google, to inform anyone of the changes. The ad classifications for approved (adult) & approved (non-family) definitions on Google support pages have been removed. 


I'm assuming that Google will have to release a statement soon to inform us about how these changes will affect traffic and what abilities search partners have in terms of deciding what to show on their platforms. As stated before they were allowed to decide what type of classification to show. So not there only appears to be two, so have sites with the two classifications been given categories or topic areas as well search partner sites can choose from? Or would it just come down to only showing adult based approved (limited) ads now when an adult search term is used only?


There are so many questions yet so few answers to be found at the moment which is rather inconvenient.