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Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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My ads that have running for almost an year have been paused all of a sudden for the reason that the trademark term "wordpress" is in the ad text.

But I did a simple Google search and found there are many ads run by other agencies with the term "Wordpress". I'm not sure why we are singled out.

Just search for "wordpress help" or any wordpress related terms you could see that there are many ads by others than Wordpress itself.
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Re: Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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either (a) they are violating the policies but have not been flagged yet;
or (b) the specific advertiser has gotten specific permission from the
legal trademark holder to advertise with google using their trademark;
or (c) the trademarked-term has a descriptive meaning,
or the ad-text is not in reference to the goods or services,
corresponding to the trademarked-term.

for (c) the term must have a descriptive meaning or the ad
must not reference a good or service that corresponds to
the trademark, within the ad-text.

for (b) the authorized trademark holder must be contacted directly --
then, simply ask the authorized trademark holder to submit google's official
authorization form, that allows your specific account, to use their trademark.

for (a) potential trademark violations by others are
best reported to google by legal trademark-owners.


note that trademark policy details are also region-specific.

details are currently here:

Re: Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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Hi Aaran,

Please be assured that Google doesn't "single out" accounts. However disapprovals like this do not seem to be applied consistently. I don't recall Google ever addressing this. I doubt it is a lack of technical resources, but you could imagine that too many disapprovals at once could cause support staff problems.

Re: Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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Thank you for you taking the time to reply.

It would be really helpful if we get bit more details from AdWords when
an adgroup suddenly stops delivering.
I assume that someone might have complained about the trademark, but
Googles' trademark complain form gets the contact information from the
complainant to provide it to the advertiser.

Here is the screenshot of that part on the trademark complaint form

I contact Adwords directly but couldn't get any specifics about this
case other than the general information about the trademark policy.
Is there any way we can get more details about our specific case? What
triggered this action?
Thank you.

Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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I am experiencing this too. I find this absurd that we can't use WordPress and we are explicitly WordPress developers. Surely there is a solution to this?

Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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WordPress protect their brand very carefully. The solution is to use WP instead of WordPress. If people have searched for "wordpress" then it shouldn't be too confusing for them.


We do not allow the use of the trademark in advertising, including AdSense/AdWords.

Please note that it is not the goal of this policy to limit commercial activity around WordPress. We encourage WordPress-based businesses, and hundreds of them are thriving while in compliance with this policy (Automattic, CrowdFavorite, and StudioPress are a few examples).

The abbreviation “WP” is not covered by the WordPress trademarks and you are free to use it in any way you see fit.


There's no harm in contacting AdWords support and asking them to manually approve your ads - that seems to be the way that other advertisers have got around it.


Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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Thanks for the switch reply Rob.


After I posted this I contacted my AdWords Account Strategist and he said:


Above is the link needed for trademark approval. You will want to select "no" for the first option and then fill out the information. It will email the trademark owner for approval. I don't see WordPress being an issue but they may email you directly to verify information. Most trademarks auto approve though. Let me know if you have any other questions about it."

Fingers corssed.

Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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I ran across this post when researching a problem we were having with using WordPress in our AdWords ad text. A little background - I work for a company that provides website support, maintenance and hosting services exclusively for WordPress sites. We had been running several successful ad campaigns using WordPress in the ad copy for months. We rolled out a new website with new landing pages and about 4 to 5 days later all our ads were changed to approved (limited) due to a trademark issue. (You can check the reason for the limited status by adding the policy details column to your report - click columns/modify columns/attributes/policy details.) As included in previous posts, you can read Google's policy on trademarks here: 


I believed we fit squarely in the exceptions for resellers and informational sites, specifically meeting the following two criteria:



- The ad's landing page is primarily dedicated to selling (or clearly facilitating the sale of) components, replacement parts, or compatible products or services related to the goods or services corresponding to the trademark.
- The product or services must be the primary focus of the ad's landing page. The landing page must clearly provide a way to purchase the product or services OR display commercial information (such as rates, prices, or quotes) about the product or services.


I contacted support to explain our situation using their contact page for disapproved ads and policy questions. 


They replied and corrected the issue within a day. Our ads are up and running just as before. (The AdWords specialist was very helpful and easy to work with.)


I asked what triggered the change in status. While they couldn't say for sure, the bots that crawl the page ran across something new with our landing pages that triggered the approved (limited) status. I believe the problem was that we neglected to include pricing information on our new pages (our old pages had them); we initially just had a link to our plans page with pricing info. The policy requires that pricing info or a way to purchase the product or service be on the landing page itself. We added the pricing info prior to contacting support.


Hope this helps.

Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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Wow John thank you for such a thorough reply. That totally clarifies it for me. I will try this out and see where it gets us and report the results here for anyone else. Thanks for your time!

Re: Ads paused because of the trademark term wordpress

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You are very welcome! I had a little freak out when our ads went down, so I
was very happy to find a solution. It should work for you as long as you
comply with their reseller's policy.

Here is the message I sent to AdWords support.

"We provide hosting, support & maintenance exclusively for WordPress
websites. We've been running these ad groups for many months without
problems. On 1/13 we rolled out new landing pages. The lp’s have roughly
the same copy as the old lp’s; all relate to the services we provide for
WordPress sites. We just noticed our ads stopped running on 1/17. We think
we are in compliance with the Resellers’ policy for the use of trademarks.
If not, please advise as to steps to be in compliance. Many thanks."

Let me know if you have any problems. - John