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Ads disapproved repeatedly for "Invalid HTTP response code"

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We keep getting this message:


Disapproval Reason
Invalid HTTP response code: To help make sure that our ads are relevant, useful, and easy to interact with, we don't allow ads to link to broken webpages. For example, your landing page can't return an error code beginning with a 4 or a 5 (such as a 404 error). To run your ad, please make sure that you entered the right destination URL and that your site works properly for all browsers, across all locations.

See the policy to learn how to fix your ad:


This is an example url:


All elements load fairly quickly from my computer and all with 200 or 302 status codes.


I was told that each element must load in under 2 seconds. I don't know if that is true, but I used WebPageTest and a server in California met that requirement.


Can anyone help me track this issue down?

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Re: Ads disapproved repeatedly for "Invalid HTTP response code&qu

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Hi Dan,


As far as my understanding goes, it might happen due to server issues that the website is not loaded properly if it loses connection with the server. If in your case, it is happening quite frequently, I would suggest you to contact your web administrators or server guys to fix this for you. Because there is a possibility that when you are trying to open some page, it's working fine but at times, the connection is lost and the URL is non workable.


Also make sure that there are no typos where in you have entered the URLs while making ad copy.



Re: Ads disapproved repeatedly for "Invalid HTTP response code&am

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No, we've monitored these pages, which have been running fine for some time. There are no errors. There are also no typos.

When Google gets them for manual approval, they also see no issue and accept them.

However, I happened across an error in our logs where browsers with versions numbers that contain non-numeric values will cause a 500. I have fixed that and am waiting to see if that solved the problem.