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Ads approved in one adgroup, disapproved in another. Help?

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Hello, AdWords Universe!


I have search ads disapproved because it contains a trademarked term (which we are using by permission).  However, I have identical ads in another adgroup that are Approved, and others that are Approved (limited).  Remember, all these ads are identical.


The disapproved ads are in an adgroup containing BMM keywords, which are in Phrase match in another adgroup with the identical ads Approved. 


Is there some way to get these approved as well?


Thanks for any help!



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Re: Ads approved in one adgroup, disapproved in another. Help?

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If you are authorized to use the trade-name - call CS and ask them to approve the ads.
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Re: Ads approved in one adgroup, disapproved in another. Help?

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Do you get any further insight from the policy details column? Do you use the editor at all? Try downloading more data, all accounts, etc. and see if there are any errors that appear in the editor.

I am wondering about the product/service itself. That's why I mentioned the editor - If you are selling copier tabs for example, Google might consider "tabs" analogous to prescription pills, and limit ad serving. There should be an immediate, automatic "exemption request" in the editor, if there are any of those sorts of issues.

Sometimes these error messages can be misleading. Try to look at things from multiple angles, maybe something will stand out(?).

In the meantime, why this ad? Is it the most effective ad text? Could it be modified slightly to be as, if not more effective, without mentioning any possible TM terms? At least then you know you have something going while you sort this mess out.