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Ads Suspended Due to Site Policy

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I just started using Adwords and my Ads got disapproved saying "Site Policy"


I tried contacting google through email, but they did not reply.


Can someone tell me what is the reason?

Below is my website URL:


Kindly, suggest what policies did i violate?


Thanks everyone!

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September 2015

Re: Ads Suspended Due to Site Policy

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Hi Jovi L,

Welcome to the forum,

Your site violates "Health Care & medicines" Section of the Adwords policy.Kindly check the policy here:

Re: Ads Suspended Due to Site Policy

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Hi Shuva, thanks for you reply. May I ask, which part of this "Health Care & medicines" Section did I violate? Because I have read through the site multiple times and have not found anything helpful.

By the way, my adword accounts gave me this under the Policy Details column:
Site suspended Site Policy
Site policies: Site not working
Any idea what's wrong? I have already tried test-clicking all the ads and they land me to a working page.

Re: Ads Suspended Due to Site Policy

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Please refrain from multiple posting on the same topic;


Your query was answered yesterday by @Nisal L .

Carefully review the "healthcare and medicine"  section of the Policy. As said by both  @shuva  and @Nisal L - you are in clear violation.

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