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AdWords agency Ad - can they use "/BestAgency" in Display URL ?

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I have been seeing this nice ad (position 2) for quite some time.

It is from a local AdWords agency and I wonder if it is allowed for them to claim in the Display URL that they are /BestAgency .


Also the title translates into "Perfect AdWords campaigns" which is very amusing Smiley Happy

I imagine they get a lot of clicks through this exagerated claims, but is it allowed ?

I have looked at the USA market to see how big agencies promote themselves there, but not even Premier SMB partners do not have the nerve to craft such claims in an ad text in USA.


Ad image , in case the forum doesn;t show it :





Here is the click ID


Thank you

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Re: AdWords agency Ad - can they use "/BestAgency" in Displa

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Very interesting... I'm guessing that you could get away with it in the display URL b/c that's not reviewed. I also think you can (currently) get away with it in the callout extensions. I know that you can now say "#1 Pool Company" etc. Which shouldn't really be allowed, but it is. I've tested it...

Re: AdWords agency Ad - can they use "/BestAgency" in Displa

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I see, I have also spotted this "we are #1" claim in the callout and even if I reported twice it was not taken down Smiley Happy I suppose they should know best what "tricks" to use, since they are a top agency .


What about the claim "Perfect AdWords Campaigns" isn't this something outrageous to write in an ad ?

Re: AdWords agency Ad - can they use "/BestAgency" in Displa

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An update from the chat support from google.


1) Apparently they are located in India and have no ideea of english grammar. To them "Perfect" is not a superlative. 


I have sent them this university paper to learn :


"Common Problems with the Comparative and Superlative

There are certain modifiers which you cannot logically use in the comparative and superlative forms. Adjectives like "perfect" and "unique," for instance, express absolute conditions and do not allow for degrees of comparison. Something cannot be more perfect than another thing: it is either perfect or not perfect."


2) Apparently Google policy team (handled exclusively from India) does not care about whatever is written in the Display URL .We can write anything in the Display URL, not only competitor trademarks.

I gave them a colourful example of Display URL text and asked if that was ok Smiley Happy 

I eagerly wait their response.