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AdWords Support wants me to buy site

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maybe I can get some help here. My AdWords account was suspended before I ever used it, now the support wants me to buy a site which is used by thousends of people, so I could reopen my account again. Here is the story:


In the year 2010 (maybe 2009 I cant remember quite right) I created an adwords account and transfered 500€ into it, plus I used a voucher of 30€. The voucher I just got as becoming a member of the local industry chamber (which you become automatically when opening any business), and I thought, well maybe I could use some AdWords credit in the near future.

It turnend out, that I never used this money. So some weeks ago I thought of it and wanted to use it. I went into a forum about adwords and other stuff (something like warriorforum.. I guess this is what you call marketers in english?) and I asked, what could I do with that credit, which I have no use for. I got the information that I should get an account on ClickBank, search for a nice performing product, get my affiliate-id and promote it on adwords. People clicking and buying would then create some money.

This is what I did, so I created an Ad, which was rejected right away. I tried another product. It was also rejected. I googled the matter and found out that it seems that the whole ClickBank thing is not approved by google. So I deleted the campaigns and logged out. Clearly I had no motivation in persuing any of that. As I said before, the money was lying there unused, but I had no rush and I was no adwords user in the first place.

Now I have actually found a site that I want to promote. My own, created for the community that I live in. So I logg back into the AdWords account and see, that my account is suspended because of violating google terms.

I made a phone call and it seems, that deleted campaigns are not actually deleted but will remain in the system forever. That means the URL which I used in the Ads was still linking back to these clickbank landingpages. So I got the information, that I should do some "cleaning" and change the whole campaign, that means: use the actual campaign that caused the violation and change it to a Ad which would work. So I changed everything to my own site, which I want to promote.

Some days passed and the system still didnt recognized the change of the Ad, so I called another time and had to visit a support live chat. There I got the information that the deleted campaigns will remain in the system, but also every state of the Ad before the changing, which will result in further violations of google terms... forever. The only possibility for me is - so said the google woman - to actually buy the sites in question and change them. I was quite surprised, as I am using google products literally everywhere. One of the reasons is, that I always liked the changes which they made and I found them very logical. In this case it didnt made any sense to me at all. So I ask her about it, and it seems to be common practise and many people do it.

Sorry - but I have to say, I am still surprised in a bad way. I understand the reasons behind account suspension, but I dont see why they dont have the ability to look deeper into individual cases and change it for the good. I would still love to advertise on google for obvious reasons, but buying a hugh site like this just to clean my account.... this is never going to happen.

I took the time to write my story here in the hope that someone has a good connection to the google support and could help me out. I have just send out a refunding request for my money (at least the 500€, the 30€ from the voucher I would loose), so I could create an AdWords account on a family member. But it says that would take 3-4 weeks to transfer to my bank account. This is all quite horrible.




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Re: AdWords Support wants me to buy site

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I'm sorry you've had such a painful experience. A lot of people post in the forum with your same issue. Unfortunately, the website or websites that caused the suspension of your account need to comply with Adwords in order for you to be allowed to advertise again.

I understand that your were an affiliate and do not own or control those websites, that's why the rep may have suggested you buy them. You will need to either get the owner to fix them or gain control of them (hence the buying suggestion) and fix them.

This is one of those policies that are set in stone by Google and the policy team will not be able to assist you unless the sites are fixed.