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AdWords Policies

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I have been approached by a guy to help him out in his adwords advertising efforts in India. He has a website that educates & informs customers on futures trading in Oil & Gold (his website is not a trading website though).


The website is quite informative but he is hosting ads on the home page. Would that be a problem with AdWords?


His website is:


Also, if he opens an AdWords account in the US, would be it any problem if I attach it to my MCC account in India & handle it for him?


Opinions are welcome.

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Re: AdWords Policies

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Hi Vineet, I'd say this is your call.  As I'm sure you're aware, the primary risk to the AdWords Account here is if Google considers that the primary purpose of the site is the serving of advertising, a Policy that is intended to prevent people making money through arbitrage.  Simply having AdSense Ads on a site promoted with AdWords is not a breach of any policy (and is very common), it only becomes a problem if the site has clearly been built only with this purpose in mind.


In the case of this site my first impressions were:  1)  Wow, that's a lot of Ads, 2) It actually looks like a well-built and well populated site.  So, I think there's a lot of advertising on there which would increase my suspicion that it's just an arbitrage site but on the other hand it's not your typical 10-minute build with a lot of copied articles that you tend to see with arbitrage.


If I were you I'd spend some quality time looking through the content on the site and doing plenty of Google searches to find the sources of that content.  I'd also look for dates and originality.


At the end of the day a good question to ask yourself is "What does this person get from this site?  Why did they build it?" If the only logical answer is "To make money from Ads", then you've taken a big step down the arbitrage path regardless of how good it looks and it's probably a good idea to steer clear.



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