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AdWords Double Serving policy violation by advertiser

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Advertiser clearly violates AdWords double serving policy by advertising very similar sites on same keywords within same region (Australia). It provides unfair benefit to the advertiser.


Here are examples of double serving:


Is it common ownership? Yes it is, both websites:

-- share same terms and conditions, same owner in their screenshots. They try to play tricky and do redirect loop in "contact us" page though.

-- they share same IP address as hosted on one server


Similar pricing.

-- They both use the same party server provider with different reference codes.

-- Price is absolutely the same for the service.


Similar customer support.

-- As they share the same service provider customer support is the same.

-- "Support" page of one site refers to site name of another.


Similar branding.

-- Both share same design and similar brands.


Can you please take a look at this and advise is this a breach of policy?

Thank you so much.

Re: AdWords Double Serving policy violation by advertiser

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Hi Alexey,

Just want to share additional information about your concern,
you can check this article, about the blurry line of AdWords Doubleserving policy



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Can someone bring this to Google attention?

I tried to raise this in form but there were neither replies nor changes to this matter since then.