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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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AdWords Account Suspension

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Please bear with me, this is a long post, as I am providing as much detail as possible in the hope that someone can help me get this straightened out...

I work for a marketing, web design/development/hosting start-up. We created a Google AdWords MCC account a few months back. On 1/12/15, we received the following email:

Hello. I trust your day is living up to your expectations and your year is off to a great start.
Real quick, My name is Richard S. and I am your main point of contact in the Google AdWords Agency Support Department.
Not sure who I should be speaking with at your agency.
As the Google Rep assigned to your agency, it’s my job to link to new PPC accounts and assist as much or as little as the agency needs. Simply email the CID as they are created.
You know how you can be too busy to perform some of the tasks associated with creating an AdWords Campaign, like research, building or even developing a great sales deck to pitch a new client on AdWords and the Google Display Network?

That is where I come in. My role is to help you look like a hero to your clients. I feel it’s important that you know, as your Google AdWords Agency Rep, I'm here to provide strategic support for new accounts, and to assist you and your team from the on-set with newly acquired business and/or new AdWords campaigns. Think of me as a Free Intern with connections.

Our free service is intended to help you build and support your book of business on Google and help you become even more profitable than you are now. How can I help? I can help with all aspects of Google AdWords including:

- Consultation: Building a winning strategy for your clients.
- Customization: Tailoring the Google AdWords Account to your exact specifications with some pro-tip recommendations.
- Optimization: Managing Google AdWords with you for the first 3 months of a client’s campaign in order to ensure long-term success.
- Research: Vertical Trends, Market Trends, Keyword Research.
- Assistance in faster ad approvals or troubleshooting non approvals or account suspensions.

What this means for you is that you can spend more time building your business and high priority projects and less time on the mundane tasks that can take up your valuable time.
I look forward to hearing from you soon and beginning to work together on your AdWords accounts. Have a great day!
Whether you decide to take advantage of the free assistance…

~ I must be linked to all new AdWords accounts within 14 days ~
~ New accounts are determined by having no clicks within the last 45 days~

If I can be of any assistance, feel free to reach out and talk with me to see what I can do for ya.



Best regards,

Richard S.
Google AdWords



Since we're a small but growing company, we're all insanely busy, so we decided to take Richard S. up on his offer. We ended up selling an AdWords campaign to a regional manager of a nationally known power equipment manufacturer, but before they jumped in with both feet, they wanted to trial-test our services with one of their affiliated dealers.


If things went well, we would have literally dozens of campaigns running for more dealers. We designed a strategy wherein we would create a site that would house a landing page for each dealer. Each dealer's landing page would have their logo, contact information, 8-12 current power equipment promotions, and a link to their own website. We ran all this by Richard S. and he said that should work fine, he even said that he's worked with other agencies that do the same kind thing.


Richard sent me a link and had me fill out a campaign build request form, I responded and told him I would fill out & submit the form (which I did), but I also told him we did not have the client's landing page built yet. Richard proceeded to build and launch the campaign before we had the landing page done, which resulted in the initial "Account Suspended" notice email. Contacted Richard, he said he was aware of it, and that all would be fine once we got the landing page built.


We completed the page, and submitted a form to Google to have them take another look...that was on Friday, 4/24.


On Monday morning, I had another suspension email from Google, this time referencing "suspicious payment activity" and requesting I submit yet another one of the same form to appeal the suspension (, so I submitted the form again.


This morning, I recieved an email from Google saying the following:
Greetings for the day!

Thanks for your continued patience during this process. Our specialists have re-reviewed the account and confirmed that it is in violation of our AdWords policies. Since this decision is final, the account will not be reinstated. Please avoid creating additional AdWords accounts, as they will be subjected to the same suspension.

Our support team will not be able to give you any more specifics on the suspension.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We are left absolutely confused by all this, there is no suspicious payment activity. In fact, there were not even any payment details in the account until Friday when I added them before submitting the first appeal (because the form asked for account payment details). What I added was my company credit in the world is this interpreted as suspicious??? There has never even been ANY payment processed or charged on the account.



I am left with a number of questions:

>Is our agency just done now? Can we create another account under another email address? Where do we go from here?


>How in the world are you supposed to fix a policy issue if Google won't even give you details of the problem?


>Is this Richard S. person legit? 



Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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Re: AdWords Account Suspension

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Hello @William W;

This seems to be a complex case which needs some breakdown;

  • Are you a Google Partner agency?
  • Have you been able to figure who is /was  Richard? Was his email sent for a Google domain?  (If you were, please do not post  his details here. Just confirm) It sounds a bit weird that  a Google rep will launch a campaign without  a landing page in place and  ready.
  • Can you share the URL which should have been promoted??
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: AdWords Account Suspension

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Sorry, can't share the URL of the page to be promoted at this time.

Richard's email is an address. I don't fully understand the relationship between Richard and Google, but his LinkedIn page shows he is an "Agency Account Strategist on the AdWords Support Team Giving FREE Support on New Accounts." Only thing I can figure out is he's contracted by Google but not an employee. I can post a link to the LinkedIn profile.

As previously mentioned, we are a small start-up, and so we have not yet reached the various "Google Partner" status requirements. We thought working with Richard would help get us going in the right direction with regards to monthly spend, while we worked on certification, etc.

Re: AdWords Account Suspension

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Hello gain @William W;

Well.. It sounds that Richard was a specialist on behalf  of Google.


I  suspect that the suspension resulted  due to a landing page violation. Thus, (in order) to proceed  and analyze the case, here, on the community,  we need to see the landing page. (The other avenue is that you  contact AdWords CS, directly.)

I understand your concern (in sharing the URL). However, this is a public forum, and the main  goal is, of course,  to help resolve your case.  But,  when doing so,  we  also want    to help / educate other users who  might face / search about  similar issues.


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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