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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Ad not Serving

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I created our ad campaign and uploaded a video to our Youtube channel about 2 weeks ago.   The ad is still 'not serving" and I can't figure out why.

I've put a very limited budget per day until I figure out how to properly use this platform.


The ad was provisioned for in-slate and in-search but disapproved after a few days.    I don't know how to fix the video or settings if there is no information on why it was disapproved....


The thrust of the campaign is to make consumers that search for our keywords aware of our app, click to view, and link to the app store to buy the app if they like what they see in the video campaign.


Any ideas?




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Re: Ad not Serving

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Hi Merx


"Video Ad Status = "Serving"" is usually an AdSense error message meaning that the site content fails to meet the Google Adsense policy. Could be a possibility that your ad or your URL, do not meet the Google AdWords DIsplay Network policy requirements? 


It could also suggest that your account may be under a temporary Google AdWords review. These periodic reviews are normal. Google periodically review accounts to make sure that all ads meet their policies, requirements, quality standards, to verify billing information, and to maintain account security. You can contact Google AdWords support directly by selecting 'Contact AdWords' in the upper right-hand corner of this page. A Google support team member will be able to verify if a review is occuring on your account and assist you take it from there. 


Hope this is of help.