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Ad disapproved

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im new to google ads and my ad has been disapproved because of my url link. 

See how you wrote the url and then path 1 there is path 2. My path 1 doesnt fit there because it doesnt fit i cant edit my post

is there a way to solve this 


Ad disapproved

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Hey buddy,


It hardly matter what's your path 1 and 2. The domain should be same in destination url & display url.


The website or app shown in your ad (that's your display URL) needs to accurately show which website or app people will be taken to when they click your ad (that's your landing page). The landing page is where people actually end up after passing through any redirects associated with the destination URL, final URL, or tracking template that you set.


Here is the article which will help you to learn more about this.


Hope this will help you Smiley Happy