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Ad Preview and Diagnosis vs Keyword Status

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Hello advertisers, I've noticed in one of my accounts that spend is accruing for the day and while using the ad preview and diagnosis tool the ads are showing. However, according to the keyword status it mentions 


  • Your keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now due to a low Ad Rank. Your bid may be too low to be competitive, so consider raising your keyword's bid if your budget allows. 
  • This ad isn't being shown because of its platform targeting settings.

The average position for each keyword ranges from 1-4. I do not detect any loss of impressions and the ad budget is being used accordingly. I also don't believe there to be an adrank problem, as the avg position is good and the QS ranges from 8-10 with a competitive bid for each keyword. Just curious as to why I see this conflicting message from the keyword status in my account.

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Ad Preview and Diagnosis vs Keyword Status

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Hi @Raymond-Smit,


To cross-check the same, I would like to suggest 2 important metrics to add to your AdWords Dashboard.


These are: Search Lost IS (budget) and Search Lost IS (rank).


To add these, go to columns > modify columns > Competitive metrics > Add the above mentioned metrics.


Note: The Search Lost IS (budget) is available at account level only.


There are a lot of factors that are considered by the system during real time auction of ads for a particular query. So, there are possibilities when you loose the auction due to lower ad rank than the competitors. 

As QS improves gradually, better is using bids high enough so that you don't loose the real time auction due to ad rank.

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Ad Preview and Diagnosis vs Keyword Status

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Badged Google Partner

This is why you can't rely on any one metric alone when trying to diagnose issues, or optimize your account. As @Archit pointed out, impression share is another metric to consider as part of the process. If you are accruing impressions for that term, your ads are showing for that term. Raising your bids and opting into all devices is what Google wants, but that might not actually work for you. Smiley Happy