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Ad Approval

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I have applied for Ad Words a few months back already for my blog but I still haven't gotten a response yet if its approved or not.


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Re: Ad Approval

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Hi Joey,

Have you successfully created your Adwords account and added your billing details? I might be wrong but I think you might be talking about Adsense, not adwords.

If you mean the Google program that pays you money to display ads on your blog, then that's Adsense not Adwords. For that I suggest asking your question on the Adsense community:!forum/adsense

If I'm wrong and you're talking about Adwords, then I'm guessing you might be referring to ad not being approved (although unlikely that it stays under review for "months"). In that case you can submit an approval request here:

It's more than likely that you're talking about Adsense though and have came to the wrong place. Smiley Happy

Hope that helps!