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Account suspension without warning or clarification

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i run a small independent photographic lab and course provider, Google suspended my account without warning (despite mary in their example getting 3 written warnings) and give me no explanation or clarification as to why they have done so.  Nor pointing me in any direction that would hep me understand what I have done or what I can do to resolve te problem.


I spent 18 months arguing with google trying to get my business back on Google places despite it being a lab a gallery a phoo studio a members darkroom and a course provider.  only after pointing out to google that they also appeared to have no receptionist or at least anyone who answered the phne in their Victoria head office (apparently is a condition for having a business - outdated in my opinion) did they finally relent.


Could it be that someone got in trouble for royally screwing me with the google places and they have a marker if I ever try and set up something else they will instantly disable it? feels like an insane idea but at this point I feel like anything's possible when it comes to how badly Google have treated me for over 18 months.  


I'm at my wits end, I wanted to use ad words to compete with bigger providers who provide similar courses but have teams of marketing and SEO people working with their sites.  I'm a one man band and it seems like google is actively wanting to damage my business.


Someoe PLS HELP I really don't know what to do next.



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Re: Account suspension without warning or clarification

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi double n, 


I'm sorry to hear you are having this experience with your account. This certainly isn't the type of service we strive to provide. It sounds like you have had trouble contacting us so you'll probably find the Contact Us page of our help center useful. 


I have escalated your issue to our support team so keep an eye on your inbox and they'll be in touch. 


In the meantime, please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. 



Re: Account suspension without warning or clarification

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Hi Hannah,
Thanks for your response and thanks for escalating my response to a team of humans. Hopefully they will rescind the slightly better but still automated response i received from google. I suspect there is potential for a class action suit here from small advertisers although I have no intention of actively pursuing that. I copy the email (automated accordig to a computer specialist) Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for writing in to us.

I understand you are upset about the suspension of your adwords account with no reason or warning and would like us to re-review it

Sebastian, although Google regularly warns advertisers whose accounts may be in violation of our policies, we reserve the right to suspend accounts without warning in cases where the behavior is considered as serious violation of our policies.

Having thoroughly reviewed your account again, our specialists have confirmed that we're unable to unsuspend your account. At this time, no amount of changes to your ads/sites/account can be recommended, as the decision to suspend your account is final. Due to nature of violation, we will be unable to share more specifics of the suspension reason.

Please refrain from opening any new AdWords accounts, as we'll suspend any newly created accounts upon creation.

While we regret any frustration or disruption this may cause you, providing our users with the highest quality ads is integral to the long-term success of our program.

As noted in our advertising Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the right to refuse ads or suspend ad campaigns when deemed necessary. To view our Terms and Conditions, please visit:

Again, we're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.


The only kind of serious violation that would suspend an account without warning and terminally as far as I can see from the advertiser materials provided is an egregious violation which means that Google is saying that my business is fraudulent or trading in pornography or some other illegal activities. If anyone else except a company the size of a country who somehow manages not to pay taxes in my country implied those things about my business. I'm sure you'd understand what my implied natural response would be. I really don't consider this forum to be particularly helpful. I think you're employing the placate and ignore tactic. Where the forums placate and the corporate ignores. So i'm going to try other consumer forums and send them a detailed letter with all the correspondence from the forums and from google as well as outlining the 18 month battle I had with google to have my business reinstated on google places and hope one of them has more success in not being placated and ignored,

Best wishes,
And a happy new year,
Director & Owner
Double Negative Darkroom

Re: Account suspension without warning or clarification

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For the interest of other users and small businesses who are also suffering this discrimination from google I thought it may be of interest to append the further reply I received from Google (maybe automated maybe not - i suspect someone presses a button and an automated email gets sent out) when asking for clarification on whether it was an egregious violation and what that violation was if it was. Here is the response

Hi Sebastian,

Your account was suspended for violation of our Phishing policy. You can read more on this policy violation here:

Phishing is considered as serious/egregious violation (which is also mentioned here ) and that is why your adwords account was suspended. We will not be able to share any further specifics with you about your suspension.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but unfortunately we cannot provide any further assistance in this matter.

As you may recall, the Terms and Conditions to which you agreed to when you signed up for AdWords state that Google reserves the right to disable any ads when deemed necessary. You can review these Terms and Conditions here:

Again, we’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

15 minutes after receiving this (automated??) email I checked a couple of phishing check sites like this one and not only is my domain considered legitimate (I have a google places page linking to it also which I wanted to advertise) Google itself says it is a safe site according to 'Advisory Provided by Google Safe Browsing'

Why not just say there is a minimum ad spend and size of business to become a adwords client instead of spreading libellous mistruths about my business. All businesses understand MOQ's in B2B relationships. No-one in their right mind understands what happened here.

Re: Account suspension without warning or clarification

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I have been on the phone this afternoon to several organisations to see who can help

I recommend calling your local trading standards office as well as the one in Victoria (Westminster) where the UK head office is based (they have astoundingly good staff catering if they ever let you in the building Smiley Happy)

Also contact the Advertising Standards Authority on phone number 02074922222 as they seem to be in violation of offering fairness to all advertisers and the ASA is responsible for this across all media.

The general impression I get on this forum is that many small businesses suffer exactly the same fate - lifetime bans without any specific information or anything more than what seem like automated ambiguous emails. Whilst Big businesses (with big ad spends) get away with all sorts of misdemeanors. This is in direct breach of the values and conditions that google advertise themselves so a violation in the eyes of the ASA (hopefully)

I think contacting Google directly seems like nothing more than a waste of our valuable time (as small business owners we rarely have dedicated marketing and SEO teams who can spend days debating with automated emails until it is finally escalated to a human being. So lets take another angle and contact all the governmental and NGO authorities who may have an interest in pursuing this. If enough small businesses make the same complaint, the odds are someone with actual power can get something done regarding this. I encourage other small business owners to respond and share this thread on all available media. This abuse of power by Google unfairly prejudicing small business owners must stop and together we can make it happen! For company started by two friends in a garage their treatment of small businesses is completely absurd - especially since apparently Google derive the majority of their profits from Adwords.

Additionally despite my account being suspended I can not remove my credit card details from the site and this may be a violation of the credit act.

Re: Account suspension without warning or clarification

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Hi Hannah,

Thought you might like to know the response I received regarding your scalation of the matter. It looks like another ambiguous response. Perhaps you can help me escalate the issue many other small business owners like myself are experiencing to someone in the Victoria head office or at company headquarters. Many Thanks, Seb


We have looked into your issue after you contacted us via out Blog.

Unfortunately after a review it has come to our attention that your Google AdWords accounts do not comply with our terms of service and advertising policies. As a result, your accounts have been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on Google. As noted in our Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the right to terminate advertisements for any reason. To view our Terms and Conditions, please visit We appreciate your cooperation.


The Adwords Team

Re: Account suspension without warning or clarification

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The least Google could do is tell these companies what to fix and give them a chance to fix any issue that google has with the website or the ads.

In my case I had not even run one single add I was just suspended I guess based on my site offering tech support even though after reviewing all google standards I do not violate any of them.

This is turning into a case of Google having way too much power and we are all now realizing this that they can take down an entire field of business and leave just a few at the top to reap all the benefits this is a becoming a very serious issue of a large corporation favoring few companies to take over and control a growing and emerging market and manipulating the worlds economy based on the near monopoly that google has on internet advertising if you want to make any money.

Re: Account suspension without warning or clarification

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suspended yesterdat