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Account suspended for suspicious payment activity?

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Hello Googlers,


My Adwords account has been suspended for suspicious payment activity, and I'm trying desperately to find out why!  Here's the lowdown:


I got into web development a few years ago, started a blog, and when I bought my domain Google sent me a $100 gift card for adwords.  I signed up for Adwords, created a campaign, and entered my credit card.  I (almost immediately) realized I had no idea what I was doing, paused the campaign, and have forgotten about it ever since.


Jumping forward to today, my job has commissioned me to create the online storefront for our business (we are a retail store).  I got the store up and running, added products, and thought Adwords would be great to have our products come up with a related search.  I was uber excited, but when I tried, I noticed my account was suspended (suspicious payment activity).  I checked to make sure there were no charges (I was certain there wasn't, since I never ran a campaign long enough), and noticed the Credit Card I used had since become expired.  Not sure if this helped, but I changed that credit card to my company's credit card since they will be paying for these campaigns.  No change.


I called Google Adwords, and the friendly tech on the other end directed me to the appeals form.  I filled it out, and this morning and received this email stating that my account was suspended due to suspicious payment activity, but didn't explain what that activity was or is.

Can someone please help with a course of action?  Or at least guide me to a person I can explain this to?  



I'm adding the URL of my store I want to purchase Adwords for:  


Thank you,


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Re: Account suspended for suspicious payment activity?

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Hi Daniel, 


I am requesting a specialist to reach out to you and explain the reason. You should receive an email soon.


Thanks for your patience, 


Re: Account suspended for suspicious payment activity?

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Thank you.


Re: Account suspended for suspicious payment activity?

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I have the same problem. I do not understand why you suspend account WITHOUT EXPLANATION. If i did something not right you tell me and I fix it... but this is not the way you threat customers...