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Account suspended 24h after being whitelisted

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Last month, our account got suspended for a reason still unclear.

It had been running for a couple of days (roughly $300 spent) and one sunny day BOOM, It got suspended.

We suspect this was due to the fact an old account, for another department within the company got suspended (the people who ran it are no longer here).


After filling out the forms, contact support over chat & phone and whomever we knew that might be of assistance, the ads suddenly started running again last Thursday evening.

When i realized it was live again, i paused all activity in order to be able to launch better performing campaigns. This was done on Sunday.

Unfortunately, after having waited for banner approval & that the impressions start arriving, i smelled something wrong and contacted support. There i discovered that we got suspended again on Friday 2015.04.03 (less then 24h after getting whitelisted).


I have no clue why this happened and why we keep getting suspended without anybody telling us the reason.

If we knew the problem, it would have helped us with the process.


Does anybody have an idea?

What can i do?

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Re: Account suspended 24h after being whitelisted

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Hi Yannick,
I would recommend that you get back in touch with the AdWords support team (over phone/chat). We cannot access the details of your account to see specifically what is causing this issue, and they would be the best team to speak to. If you had any email correspondence with them, simply reply to that email to get back to the person you were originally corresponding with.


Re: Account suspended 24h after being whitelisted

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Just got off the line with support.
They can't say a thing.
They keep repeating the same thing ; "please fill the document."
Then i get the same automatic answers.

Funny thing is that other european advertisers are running similar campaigns but we get suspended.

I'm trying to understand what can i do to fix an issue that i don't know yet.

Getting desperate here.

Any piece of info will be valuable