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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Account Suspension

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I love some help on why my Google Adwords account was suspended. I just set up the account to go to my new website


I spent $17 on Adwords and then got suspended but I don't really know what for? I'm a business coach tha help businesses.


Can someone please help me?




Scott Wilson

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September 2015

Re: Account Suspension

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Hey Scott,

You've probably been suspended for 'Information Harvesting', whereby you're running an AdWords campaign for the sole purpose of gathering people's personal details, and offering some free info to do so.

Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but Google seem to have taken a dim view on it of late.

On the bright side, it used to be the case that suspensions were FOREVER and non-reversible, but in this case I'm sure you can write to support, tell them you've made the appropriate changes, and they will reinstate your ads.

In terms of what changes to make... that's a toughy. Maybe you can make the download free, and then a contact form on the download confirmation page for anyone who still wants to get in touch? I know that defeats the purpose of your original intention, but that's how it is.

Good luck!
Jack Porter-Smith
Jack's G+

Re: Account Suspension

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In addition to "information harvesting", the content of your site violates the "get rich quick" clause of the Policy

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Re: Account Suspension

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Thanks for your feedback Jack. Yep it looks like Google is getting pretty tough on this. Well at least there's still facebook for running ads ;-)