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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Account Suspended

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My 6 month old Account got suspended & Google is unwilling to unsuspend it, because of security reasons. They won't elaborate. All I have is an Email that says that my site is speading spam. I am unable to understand what has happened.


Would appreciate if I get some elaboration. My site is


I was advertising in countries like the US and my sample ad was something like: "AdWords Ads @ 5 USD a day". The ads were of course approved before they ran. I tried to use the word "CLICKS" in my bodycopy but there was an objection to that so I used the word "impressions" or "get your Ad shown 6000 times" in my bodycopy. Of course, there was never any warning from Google.


Can you please tell me where exactly I went wrong so as to incur this severe penalty? For the record, my account has been suspended because of violation of Google's Advertising Policies.


Many thanks



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Re: Account Suspended

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Hi there;

I agree with Google;


There is a fundamental issue here, before getting into the specifics/ technicalities of what clauses /sections were violated:


Quote:  (One example - there are more):


>>However, Google AdWords allows you to set your own cost. You can set it to as low as $1 per day. If you work with us, we will set it to $5 per day and endeavour to give you 15-20 clicks per day within a budget of $5. That can result in about 40 page views of your website per day or 1200 page views per month. There is no other or better way to make your business or website visible online."


You know that this is not how Adwords works. These claims are surely not supported by AdWords business model of PPC and are misleading the user.



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Re: Account Suspended

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But that is what I was trying to build my business on. A lot of people end
up paying extra because they do not know how to build the reach of their ad
campaign. All I was trying to do was to tell people that one could maximise

And I have been able to do in at least 5 cases for my Clients. How is that
a misleading claim? There is a simple method by which you can maximise your
AdWords budget, and it's not a secret at all; just a very patient & slow
putting in keywords and creating ads.

Could you elaborate a bit further?

And by any chance, can I write to someone/ somewhere & get the account