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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Account Suspended for Selling Banned Products?

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I work for an agency and we're talking to a potential client about AdWords.  They said that their AdWords account was suspended because they sold a banned product (hCG) on their site.  However, they also sell many non-banned products, and I know I've seen other sites selling hCG that are not banned from advertising their other non-banned products.


The question is, is there anyway for me to help this particular client sell their non-banned products?

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Re: Account Suspended for Selling Banned Products?

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HI Tracy,


hCG is on the list of unapproved pharmaceutacils & supplements when used in relation to weight loss or used in conjunction with steroids.


I have had this issue before and the way we got around it was to remove the unapproved products from the site and ask AdWords support for an account review.


If they tried advertising the hCG it may have triggered a full review and if the site is fixed up to come in line with the advertising policies I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to get them back online again.


How do I contact Google AdWords?

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Re: Account Suspended for Selling Banned Products? Can it be un-suspended ?

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Hello Tracy;

I agree with purefuzz on this . The language of the policy is a bit vague.


  • "...Going forward, however, you won't be able to run any ads in this account or any associated accounts."
    (Google does not explain what is associated accounts...Is a different domain owned by the same business is an "associated account"?)

But, on the other hand it says:

  • If your account was suspended for violating our landing page and site policies, unfortunately we can no longer accept advertising from you unless you've made significant changes to your website in order to comply with our policies. Please note that in certain circumstances, your website might not be able to comply without an actual change in business practices. If you believe that your website is now in compliance, contact us, describing the changes that you've made.

So, my understanding, is that the landing page in question, has to be brought into compliance with the Policy, prior to un-suspending the account.



[edited]: based on this video an account suspended cannot advertise again with Google: Did you call customer service ?




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Re: Account Suspended for Selling Banned Products? Can it be un-suspended ?

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Thanks for your help!