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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Account Suspended due to major or repeated violations

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We were suspended recently even though we comply with all adwords policies. We've spoken to many adwords reps in the past 2 years and every rep was able to communicate with policy team members and was able to unsuspend us over 7 times. We were suspended about a month ago permanently, and we do not know why if we comply with all policies. We have conversations, emails, and recordings of adwords reps stating our site fully complies. What is the issue? Our competitors are able to advertise. Why not us?

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Re: Account Suspended due to major or repeated violations

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Please share your web site URL.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Account Suspended due to major or repeated violations

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visa (centro) .com

Re: Account Suspended due to major or repeated violations

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Well.., I looked at your case in the past and the site (at that time) did not comply.

If you continuously suspended this means that there is a fundamental issue with the business model, which Google does not approve.



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Account Suspended due to major or repeated violations

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I'm wondering if there is another community member that would care to chime in at this point because you've never been any real help. You said there was Irresponsible data collection... which is not the case nor is there an issue with this as the embedded forms are fully encrypted. The forms used are used my thousands of companies to collect sensitive information.

You also stated that there was a Misrepresentation of self, product, or service and Google specifies Untrustworthy Promotions. Every point in that guideline was addressed and we complied with.

This has been a recurring issue... meaning automated... for 2 years. Every 2 months for 2 years the site was systematically (automatically) suspended. Every time the site was suspended (if you do the math that's about 12 times) a policy team member AND an adwords account specialist unsuspended it. In fact they verbally and via email stated that there were no violations at all. The policy team does not bring an account back 12 times unless it does comply. It's no secret that Google depends heavily on automation. These suspensions were not done by hand. They were done by their automated system and for whatever reason, the system kept going back into our site.

The site is not violating any policies whatsoever. The business model is not violating any policies either. It feels like you're just guessing it is because you don't know the answer as to why it's happening, and like google... you're wiping your hands clean of the issue by simply replying and restating a template of responses.

Why would several Google employees disagree with your statement for 2 years and re-approve the site for 12 times if you were correct? You don't think they would've figured out we violated any number of these policies in the number of suspensions the site endured?

The business model already exists and is a thriving industry.

Here are some with value added services:

Less legitimate looking
usvisa-service **(.org)

Here are others with no value-added services:
Immigration **(
US-Immigration **(.com)
US **Citizenship(.com)

Even areas of immigration that have been banned... like:
visawaiver **(

All able to advertise freely with Adwords. Yet we have a truly legitimate site and all relevant information. We've hired 2 companies to evaluate the issue, and an ex-googler reviewed it. They all agreed we didn't violate, but believe this purely systematic on Google's end.

One example, a google account rep stated we needed to have our Phone Number and Location more prominent on the site. When our phone number was on header and the address as well as a map was on our About Us page. When we responded this, the account rep said "I'm just letting you know what the NOTES of the policy team left. Maybe you should also put it on the footer as well."

Major dependency to automation I believe. A regular person wouldn't have had a problem with the map, and when the account rep saw it for herself, she went ahead and submitted it to the policy team, who then permanently suspended the site for UNTRUSTWORTHY PROMOTIONS.

Doesn't make any sense.

Re: Account Suspended due to major or repeated violations

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Well... I stand by my position, and  I am willing to discuss it with any Google rep. 


At the time I looked at the site, there were many violations, and though a few removed, there are still violations. In the initial thread I listed only 2 to "hint" that the site must be thoroughly checked and revised for compliance.


Your site - in my view - is  on the border line  of  compliance and non-compliance, and hence continuously suspended.

Let me show you a few  specific  examples of my findings (again, these are just examples....)

  • You collect privacy information which is beyond the needed  for applying for   US Visa. You do not explain what is done with the information, how it id stored, kept and for how  long...
  • When I tested your filling process I found it as a non SSL. ( See  a screenshot below)
  • Your disclaimer is "embedded "within a background  picture - this does not  meet the definition of "clearly shown"


Suspension is not by a bot or  by a machine. It's by a human reviewer.  You mentioned, (in your previous post)  that you were suspended a month ago. I assume that you have already appealed.  Hence, the site was checked by a Policy specialist.

Based on my experience with hundreds of suspension cases,  unless the business model changes and the site thoroughly checked for compliance - Google will not consider another appeal.


This is my analysis of this case based on my experience (including with similar services)




Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Account Suspended due to major or repeated violations

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Thanks for giving us something to work with. The only reason I said this was automated, was because the reps that we spoke with told us "the system keeps going in and suspending the site". So when a "system" is doing it, I assume it's not a human being, rather a bot or software.

But say you're right, and the Adwords specialists misspoke... if we kept getting suspended and then brought back up again, you're saying a human took us down, and then another human looked at it and saw we were fine and brought us back up again. Mind you 75 percent of the times we got suspended, no changes were made to the site. The reps just submitted it to be reviewed by the policy team, and it got brought back up. The other 25% were times they requested we change minor things like... adding the word "disclaimer" to our disclaimer which I doubt is a major factor to bringing an account down. But hell, who knows at this point.

This has to be automated from my understanding, and the reviews may be human to a certain degree. Otherwise why would a policy team member leave notes like... "site doesn't present a business address and phone number" OR "site provides ESTA services"... when we have always had our number on our header and address and hours of operation on our ABOUT US page, and we never advertised ESTA services since they banned the practice.

Unless there's someone in the policy team that has it out for us, and everyone else in the policy team that looks it over doesn't agree with that one member, I don't see how those notes could be left for an Adwords specialist. I mean, 2 years - 12 times we got brought back up. Hardly any significant alterations requested. And those notes being totally off-base. If human was reviewing it... one without malicious intent... I don't see how those notes could be left and relayed to me.

But going back to your observations, which I completely appreciate by the way, being that we haven't received this much feedback since 2013.

The form is actually a slightly revised version of the actual official application form. By revised, I mean questions as well as some content have been rephrased to provide a better understanding of the questions. The actual fields of information are mandatory or optional fields on the official form, and we require or make optional the same exact fields...replicating the official form. The only reason we require this information is because we would not be able to review the information to render the rest of our services. Once you submit the forms directly, access to the official form is closed, meaning we can no longer access any information submitted to see if any mistakes were made. We make sure all information provided is accurate and has no discrepancies, and if there are areas of concern on the application we inform the client. This can only be done prior to submission. There are no extra questions that go BEYOND the official form. It's essentially a replica. Believe it or not about 19 out of 20 applications have errors, and about 1/2 have major errors that could affect a person's visa eligibility.

You are correct, the page is not SSL, but I spoke with the form's developers and they assured me the fact that the page is not SSL does not affect the form at all. The embedded form encrypts the data upon typing it in and send it directly to the server securely, so there is no sensitive information being leaked. But based on this concern we will be updating the site to ensure these forms are all on SSL encrypted pages. We will also be providing further site authentication and certificates to prove we are who we say we are.

I will be making sure the privacy policy is more prominent and provides specifics on the storage of information.

I will also ensure the landing page disclaimer is more prominent. Maybe making it bolder or even highlight the disclaimer.

I wish Adwords would have expressed any of these concerns or that the policy team would have been specific. The last words spoken to us were the phone number prominence, our address, and the fact that we don't offer value-added services by providing ESTA services. Once the rep saw that these issues were in fact not actually an issue on the site, they submitted it to be reviewed, which is when we got suspended indefinitely. As if to say... "Our system says something else. We don't want to deal with you guys."

Is there anyway you could provide additional assistance in getting the site up to code the forum?