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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Account Suspended No Appeal Allowed

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This is an MCC account its an account under this that has been suspended.

We promote mobile content Games, Apps, Ringtones etc. We have being doing this for years with google adwords. Our URL's have been the same format for about 6 years now and we have never had any issues. The odd ad here or there that may have been disapproved when submitted but the issue would then be fixed ad resubmitted and ad would get approved.


I have been onto "support" I use the term loosely as once the account is suspended there does not seem to be any support. Three of them say they can't see a reason but that it can't be appealed one said it was cloaking in relation to the destination URL. Not sure how it could be cloaking as we say where someone is going and they go there not anywhere else. When I pointed out that its been basically the same format URL's for over 6 years so why would they only be flagged for cloaking now all I got was "maybe just came up in a sweep". I know all ads on adwords are constantly reviewed so there is no way in 6 years that these URL's haven't been reviewed outside of ad approval. So if they have been ok for 6 years why not now.


Now last year we did make one change which was to use the third party tracking URL but again we have been doing this for a year now and no issues and we state the destination and the destination is the destination no cloaking involved.


So can anyone offer any advise on this on how I can get the reason behind the suspension from the policy team. Its not the suspension and non appeal that bothers me its the fact that it can be done and no detailed reason needs to be given just a stock standard generic response and a support team that can offer no support because even they have no details because its "confidential" or so they claim. More like the policy team member made a decision and couldn't be bothered to leave any notes as to why they made this decision so sorry but I can't do anything for you.

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Re: Account Suspended No Appeal Allowed

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Hi @Marketing M,


In order to find the reason, you will need to review your website(s), ads, landing pages, history of issues, etc.. and best determine what is taking place within your work. Just because it was fine in the past does not mean it always will be. We also have no way of seeing/accessing your account, so we cannot dig into what has taken place by AdWords support, you, your clients, etc.. 


In the end, you have to determine where you are breaking policy. Please read this well crafted reply to another situation, much like yours. Follow what is stated, read the links posted by Celebird, as they have the info you need. 


Sorry I cannot offer more. If you are a Google Partner, please contact your rep for possible help.


Kind Regards,



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