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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Account Suspended - Need urgently TOP Contributor and adword experts!

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HI Adword Team,


I am going mad really now with the Site Policy issue.

My site name is


I had created 5 Adgroups and has these links trying to promote


NOTE: it says Your Google AdWords account has been suspended for violation of Google's Advertising Policies 


Here is what i got from Google Adword team:

We understand that you have some concerns regarding your suspended account. As you know, we are committed to making the AdWords experience safe and effective for both our users and our advertisers. Please understand that the decision to suspend your AdWords account was not taken lightly. We suspended your AdWords account after a careful review of your landing page quality because we believe that advertising policy violations, such as those described in the email you received, may create a seriously negative or possibly harmful user experience.

Our specialist have reviewed your site : and found that its violating our artificial ad traffic policy.


You can review our Advertising Policies here:

You can review our Landing Page and Site Policies here:



my answer is:  First of all there is no page like this.

2nd this is only a display url


I had asked the adword team where is the error specifically which adgroup or ads ? 

But no response  I am getting mad day by day becz just recently i tried to update my ads which have been disapproved, but they again got disapproved


Some of the ads that i had updated just few mins back but it got disapproved  as under:

Ad Text:

Hire SEO
Get Quality Links, Better Ranking
Obtain Quality Links, Contact us

Ad Status: Disapproved
Ad Issue(s): Site Policy
Ad Text:

SEO Marketing Online
Internet Marketing Services
SEO for International Customers!

Ad Status: Disapproved
Ad Issue(s): Site Policy




But again it got disapproved where i can see that the problem is Site Policy, but they are not mentioning where how to fix this nothing?  So i m really confused.


Another thing the Adword team says that:

Please note that pausing or deleting an ad or ad group that advertises a  suspended site will not fix the violation, and your account would still be  at risk of being suspended until the issue with your site is resolved.


So if i had deleted an ad or adgroup then how can i fix?


How can i fix an issue?

Which is the adgroup that is having problem?

They say its the site policy? What policy?

Which url? Which adgroup? Which landing page must be fixed ? 


I just can't figure out i am just going mad. Plz look down at the bottom where i have mentioned clearly


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Re: SITE Policy - Problems Increasing! Confused & Going Mad

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Can someone assist me?

Re: SITE Policy - Problems Increasing! Confused & Going Mad

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Hello Thomas,


I am very new to AdWords myself, so I am really expressing my personal opinion.


Google has a very strict policy on SEO. They don't want people to advertise about link building or getting better results or getting on to the first page of Google through some SEO "magic". From whatever I know in the market, there are a lot of SEOs out there who create dummy sites & then link back to a certain website to influence rankings. This method as a whole has got thoroughly discredited.


I think the mail you got from Google says as much that they are suspending your account because you might be helping people build artificial traffic.


Now about your options. As I see it, it seems like a No Go option. But first, please have a hard look at your website & delete any possible references towards helping rankings. It might perhaps mean changing your business model & URL. And then submit your site for review.


It may be my personal opinion, but somewhere this whole link building business is getting discredited as a whole.



Re: SITE Policy - Problems Increasing! Confused & Going Mad

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HI Vineet


Artificial traffic?  How can it be.


Come on i am promoting my site for SEO Services. So what's wrong in it?

2ND MY site is no dummy site.  Its a site for SEO Services so how come its a dummy site?


If i have a service then i will definitely advertise even if its Linkbuilding.  That's why i have chosen Google adwords becz its for advertisers. If Google use this type of policy then how can I market my website through Adwords?


One more add i tried to edit it and again i got disapproved:  I am trying to edit the ads which have been suspended.

AdWords account number: 927-422-0184
Ad Text:

Professional SEO Packages
Discounts available 5%
Request a Quote for SEO

Ad Status: Disapproved
Ad Issue(s): Site Policy




Now another thing i want to discuss about link building ads:

When i type in with keyword "link building" then i get the following as under ads.  So when this type of ads are given credits. Then why not mine?

Link Building Services

Providing cheap link building
services for all your needs.


  1. Advanced Link BuildingContent Based Link Building
    Services. Let's Talk!
  2. Link Building
    1 (877) 627 2842
    Advanced SEO Link Building.
    Download Free Link Building Guide!

What is the solution?


So what should I do first? How can i come to know which adgroup to be worked on?

Should i delete Link building adrgoup?

Or Should i delete the whole Campaign?

Tell me what should i do to get rid of this mess

Re: Account Suspended - Need urgently TOP Contributor and adword exper

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HI Adword Team,


I want the adword team top experts to solve my problem and lift the suspensions. Its my humble request!

1)  I had got mail from adword earlier that one of your pages is violating artificial ad traffic policy.


check this:

Our specialist have reviewed your site : and found that its violating our artificial ad traffic policy.


this is the display url:

this is the destination url:


Now i had checked the url and saw there was one affiliate link, which i removed. Becz i thought this might be the issue. I din't find any other issues.


2) After removing the links in the page, i had submitted my site eemes for a review. Now it is May 6, 2013 till now no replies. So i had called adword team expert and they said that my account is suspended due to violations. Its permanent.

Then i asked how to fix the site? What is the actual issue?  

I am ready to fix all issues, provided you guide me so that i don't make such mistakes.

I would like that a Google employee handle my case closely becz i feel that my site has been targeted wrongly. If there are issues plz point out if there is any? 

Coz currently i don't find any issues with my site


I request a Google adword employee to handle my case on special basis as for last 4 years i have been doing PPC.

Plz co-operate.




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Re: Account Suspended - Need urgently TOP Contributor and adword exper

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Hi Thomas, I'm not sure where your confusion lies.  Your site is quite clearly violating at least one AdWords policy.  Apart from the Artificial Ad policy already mentioned, I'd say you're also violating the more general Spam Techniques/Webmaster Guidelines policies.


Seriously, do you think you'd be allowed to advertise a paid link service when Google specifically acts against paid links?



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Re: Account Suspended - Need urgently TOP Contributor and adword exper

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HI Thanx Cobnut for your reply,


However i am very serious with the current issues


1) You said about advertise a paid link service?  Where is the paid links?


Here is my links


Plz specify the problems, so that i can come to know.


And also specify Artificial Ad Policy?  Can you mention so that i can check out. I need your help so that i can sort out the issues. 


Re: Account Suspended - Need urgently TOP Contributor and adword exper

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Hi Thomas, I'm not sure I can make it any clearer.  Your website takes money from people to create links to their sites.  That's paid links.


The Artificial Ad policy is here.  Although as I said in my earlier post I think personally you're violating the Webmasters Guidelines as well.


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Re: Account Suspended - Need urgently TOP Contributor and adword exper

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HI Cobnut,


See i have to list some points very clearly here


1) My websites doesn't take any money for listing a website in our directory. Its purely free. So where comes the paid links? You can also test by registration. Its totally free. There is no paid link listings. Ours is a directory just like others very simple. 


2) However as i deeply do analysis on my pages  like


I find that we have done a recirpocal link exchange with & in both the pages. Do u think this is a violation? i mean is reciprocal link a violation?


I am asking this becz i need to know where the actual problem is, so that i can sort out.

Re: Account Suspended - Need urgently TOP Contributor and adword exper

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Dear Thomas,


You are in the SEO business & many SEO Businesses are prone to making claims. On your website, under SEO Services, you are making a claim that you help businesses to rank in the top 10 rankings on Google. In other words, you are advertising on the Google network to everyone that you can put them in the top 10 results of Google. Don't you think it's a big, big overclaim? I mean who knows how to rank on Google first page consistently? 


Then, on the link, you are hosting third party ads as well.


In my understanding, both things are strictly not allowed on AdWords. 


In my opinion, before anything, you need to look at your website very closely in terms of "claims" that you are making. And remove those ads from your website.