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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Account Suspended - Is there an appeal process?

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I run a small business, and I've had an AdWords account for over a decade. Two ads, two Websites... one for each software product I sell.  Several weeks ago I learned that an ad that had been running fine for a long time, was now suspended.  I phoned Google asking for help identifying the ad policy violation.  I was told the problem may be "unwanted software", but they would need to investigate further and would follow-up via email.  Email came the following day and cited two problems: 1) - an End User License Agreement was not prominently displayed on my Website, and 2) - there was Unwanted software on my Website.  It turned-out that the "unwanted software" meant that uninstall instructions needed to be prominently displayed on the Website.  It was nice that these two issues were specifically identified for me.  I corrected both issues and requested a site review.  A few days later I was advised that the ad was still suspended.  I asked for more help identifying why.  No one could explain why, but suggested I re-read the Google policies. I found mention of a trademark verification form.  I submitted the form, and several days later the ad was now approved. That was early July.


I returned from a trip last week and found an email stating that now my entire AdWords account had been suspended due to ad violations and/or site violations.  There was nothing specific cited in terms of what was violating Google policies.  The only thing that was mentioned was that the violation is now related to my OTHER product... either the ad, the Website, or maybe both.  Completely unclear.  Spent hours re-reading Google ad and Site policies on the Web.  As a last resort I placed another phone call  to Google "specialist" earlier today.  I asked for help identifying the source of the violation.  After being on the phone for a while, I was told that the nature of the problem was unclear.  I was told that the problem could be a link to a page that provides a partial customer list.  But regardless of that, my AdWords account is now permanently suspended for MULTIPLE policy violations.  I asked how to make an appeal.  I was told that the suspension is permanent.


I then sent another email to Google asking for help identifying the source of the violation that was noted in their email.  I was hoping for a response from someone who would be willing to dig deeper to help me resolve the issue.  This email mentioned that my AdWords Account has been suspended for multiple violations of Advertising Policies related to "Landing Page" and "Site Policies."  At least now I know it is either related to the landing page, or to the site in general.  The email went on to state...


"This action is related to sites that have recently been advertised through your account. In a review of your account history, we found several submitted sites that violated our Advertising Policies and merited poor landing page quality evaluations. Although you may have corrected or removed these sites since our latest review, advertisers that have a history of promoting poor quality landing pages are subject to account-level suspension."


I'm willing to work in good-faith to bring my ads and Websites into compliance with Google policies.  I only asked for clarification of the source of the violation(s).  But it seems that no Google "specialist" can identify the specific problem so that it can be corrected.  I'm at a loss.  If anyone can offer advice, please let me know. 


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Re: Account Suspended - Is there an appeal process?

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generally, the appeals process is to review all the policies, fix the
issues on all websites being advertised and then, ask for a review --

however, the appeals process is not indefinite -- if there are too many appeals,
too many issues flagged, or any one issue is considered major or too egregious
then, the suspension can simply be permanent and nothing else can be done.

from the post details, the suspension does seem to be permanent.

that said, below is a check-list that might be considered with
respect to websites advertising software related products --

(1) verify the eula/tos is clearly visible -- either entirely, directly, as
text or as a clearly visible link, on all site download/landing pages.

(2) verify install and uninstall instructions are clearly visible --
either directly or as a link, regardless of any integration with
any operating-system's package-handling, or how simple,
intuitive, easy, obvious, or well-known, the tasks may be.

(4) verify the eula/tos, and un/install instructions are easy to locate and
are available within the landing-pages and download-pages on the site --
both before and after any software is purchased or installed.

(5) verify that the authorization-to-distribute form has been
submitted for any free or free-trial software -- even if the
software's authoritative-source and advertiser are identical.
generally, this policy holds for any links to any free software.

check for any email responses or rejections of the form.

alternatively, simply charge a (small) fee for any such free software.

(6) verify a clearly-labeled download-button exists, all download items are
properly code-signed, all download-flows match the expected behaviour
of the software's intended-use, any unexpected behaviour is prevented,
and all functionality is fully transparent.

(7) verify all significant installation-options and system-changes
can be both reviewed and rejected, by a user, during installation.

(8) verify there is no malware or similar, within the software,
any place on the website, or linked from/to the website via url's.

(9) verify the ad includes the name of the specific software.

(10) verify the software, site, and business-model do not
violate any related policies; verify the business has not
been flagged before.

generally, be certain that there have not been issues
with the kind of software being advertised; the entire
online landscape of related software may be considered.

all rules apply to both the software being offered and
any programs included in any bundled-software offer.

importantly, these are not the only policies related to sites,
software, software-downloads, and software-related ads.

more importantly, google is the final arbiter of all policies.

posting an exact url link to the website or ad
may allow others to offer specific suggestions.

see also

Re: Account Suspended - Is there an appeal process?

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Hi Stephen,

When your account gets suspended, unfortunately the support is also suspended. Sometimes wherer there's no clear reason, this is really annoying.

We'll have to wait for further assistance and maybe a close look from employee to help you.

You came to the right place, let's just a wait a little more Smiley Very Happy

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Account Suspended - Is there an appeal process?

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@Stephen B;

Google does not disclose the specifics. Only a  general statement is sent; Follow the instructions provided by @Celebird.


Having said that; reading the last communication from Google, It seems  that not only the software section of the Policy was violated, but  also other sections, characterized by Google as: "poor landing pages".


In that case, of history with  multiple violations, the chances of reinstating the account are slim. This is a risk you will have to take. You may put time and money fixing all websites, but yet, due to  poor history, Google will not be willing to reinstate the account.

I  know that this is not quite the answer you would expect, but  I think you'd better understand the your options, prior to making a decision.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Account Suspended - Is there an appeal process?

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Thanks Celebird,

The Site is The rep on the phone stated that the account has been permanently suspended, and that there is no appeal process available. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Re: Account Suspended - Is there an appeal process?

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Hello leandrofm,

This is indeed annoying, especially since no one can explain what it is about the landing page (or the site in general) that is raising a flag. Thanks for replying. Waiting, but not holding my breath. Smiley Happy

Re: Account Suspended - Is there an appeal process?

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@Stephen B;

This site is in violation. Though this specific  site can be fixed, if you carefully  follow the instructions provided by @Celebird, the broader picture is dismal / gloomy, due to the  history of violations. Hence, even if you were to fix this specific site, I doubt that  Google would reinstate the account.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Account Suspended - Is there an appeal process?

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I am going thru the same thing its kinda a no when situation, I've been on the phone with them for 6 weeks, once your account is suspended they will do nothing.

Re: Account Suspended - Is there an appeal process?

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