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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Account Suspended For expired domain

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Hoping someone can help me with this.


I have not used my adwords account for several years and recently logged in and there is an account suspended notice. So I got digging around in my account to find out what the issue was and found an old campaign for a website that I let the domain expire and no longer own.

I went ahead and deleted the campaign, updated my address and billing info but still on appeal the account was not approved and the Suspension lifted.


Searching around on here I found out that I have to buy the domain again and totally rebuild a website that I have no interest in promoting anymore, do not even have the product anymore, no exceptions for any reason, and then resubmit the website for review.


Ok, so my question is this, saying I am willing to go through all that effort to purchase a domain and build a website for no profit or for any other reason than to fix my account suspension, just to get my account reinstated, then what kind of site should it be? Just a one page information website stating that this product is no longer available, thanks for visiting? Or will that be a violation of google policies as well? Are any other pages necessary to comply, or will the one page stating that this website and services are no longer available suffice?


Has anyone had a similar experience and what suggestions could you give to help me out? Thanks.

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Account Suspended For expired domain

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generally, the original website, orginal ads, under the original ad-account,
must be fixed and come into compliance with all current rules and policies,

before google may be contacted for a reinstatement request -- and the

number of reinstatement requests allowed are limited.

abandoning or deleting a website domain, pausing or removing ads,
or closing, or opening a new, ad-account, are not considered fixes.

without seeing the original website and suspension notice, suggesting
what exactly the original website may need to look like now, to come

into compliance, or if the issues are even fixable, is rather difficult.

this is mainly a peer-to-peer community; posting the original suspension
notice, minus any private information, and a better description of exactly
what was being sold and advertised, here within the public-forum, may

allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

depending on the issue, some suspensions are simply permanent.


see also