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About double serving policy

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I have been running ads for my site from my own account.Now someone is offering me to advertise my site from his account to pay for my adwords cost.

He said to pause the campaigns in my own account and he will run this campaign from his account.And after somedays he will delete my campaign from his account and I will restart the campaign from my own account.


Is it possible?





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Re: About double serving policy

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Hi asazad555,


This is possible but try not to overlap the serving from the 2 campaigns. Coming from an agency background there are times where we have created new accounts for clients and paused theirs before setting our accounts live. There are even some agencies that will only manage accounts they create so this happens quite often.


It never caused any problems for us.

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Re: About double serving policy

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Hi asazad555,


It's a trick question atleast for me Smiley Happy


But if I follow what Double Serving Policy says, my understanding is that as per current scenarios, Adwords does review the paused ad copies from the accounts. And if they find something against violation, that could be dangerous again. It might be possible that Adwords dont track that instantly, but you never know about the future.


Can you tell us whay there is a need for you to run ads from some another account rather than from the one which you actually own?


If you are not satisfied by the way account is performing, you can do various tasks and tweaks rather that telling someone else to run ads for you from a different account. Again, that's my perspective of what I really think about it.



Re: About double serving policy

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The question is reduced to whether you  are able to close the old account (after opening a new one) before the bots find that you are targeting two domains from different accounts. You have a limited  "time window"   before the system triggers  "double serving". 


I reiterate Pakaj's questions

Can you tell us why there is a need for you to run ads from some other account rather than from the one which you actually own? 

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