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A plea to Ms. Cassie H: Please read this and help. Thank you.

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My web site has been suspended about three weeks ago from advertising with Adwords, and I have made all the changes that were specifically requested by the specialist team (Ms. Reem and Mr. Adam on multiple phone calls and 20+ mails) under their direct supervision, but they stopped answering my mails after I did all the changes they required!! 


I've sent multiple requests and mails to undo the suspension of my site but I received no answer or irrelevant answers! 


I managed to contact you (through online chat with Mr./Ms. Avin) but again I received inappropriate treatment and the chat was indecently ended by the operator!!  

I was told that despite I made All the required changes, and despite my website doesn’t contain any non-family safe contents, the specialist team doesn’t accept my website and the will “NEVER” do !!


I can provide you with the mails and the chat with the Adwords support (which I'm sure you have access to).


Would you please carefully investigate my case and solve it because my case is truly fair and I was clearly subject to unlogic, unfair, and totally inappropriate treatment from your side? 


Thank you very much and looking forward to your reply soon

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A plea to Ms. Cassie H: Please read this and help. Thank you.

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@Dr Adham F;

Please  ask any follow up within  the original discussion. Please refrain from multiple posts on the same topic.

Thank you

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A plea to Ms. Cassie H: Please read this and help. Thank you.

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Are you a Robot or a Human being?!

You don’t read my questions, or you read them and don’t understand them, or you understand them but don’t know how to answer them!

In all conditions, I don’t want you to respond to my questions. Is it a Google community, or is it Your community?!

Are you the Google Ad Community Manager?!

Please stop responding to my questions and let the Manager respond to me or let somebody else respond or just keep away from my questions!