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4 domains, 2 business, 2 websites

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I have 4 domains, 2 for each web site i have, both are rehab clinics, this clinics in diferent cities, the question here is, can i have campaings for the 4 domains even if 2 of them are redirecting to the same website? or i need to have a web site for each domain? thats one question, the other question is, can i manage the 4 domain campaings with very similar keywords in the same account?


domain (redirects)

domain -----web site one--- rehab clinic one


domain (redirects)

domain web site two---- rehab clinic two

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Re: 4 domains, 2 business, 2 websites

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A few points to remember here;

  • The destination URL is the landing page after all redirects. So, if you redirect, then your display URL must match your destination URL. (i.e. The URL of the landing page)
  • If you want to keep a different  URL for each Geo-location, you rather create a separate landing page for each location. (Otherwise,  with redirects, all locations will have the same display URL, because one landing page URL serves all locations.) 
  • If you target different Geo-locations -  the campaigns will not compete.
  • Since one business entity  targets all domains (whether with redirect or without) - you must run all campaigns using  one Adwords account. (Per the double serving)
  • And finally: you mentioned a rehab clinic: Make sure you comply with the user safety section of the Policy - (i.e show  on your website all licenses and registrations required by law),  and the healthcare and medicine section.


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