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3 Day Account Review

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Today, my ad was running fine all day. I had a bill do of $479.00. I placed a new campaign, then all of a sudden after I placed the new campaign, im slapped with a 3 day review. Talk about a bad start to 2015. I just came back from out of town with bad news, now this. I erased that campaign, paid off the $479.00 bill, and yet still my ad is down hours later. I don't get this. I've had this account for over 2 years, paying $500 to $700 PER WEEK. 


Had I not created that campaign, I don't think my ad would be down and account under review. Please re-activate my account I'm going to lose lots on a FRIDAY, the biggest sales day. I've already had this happen in the past, and now over $50K later it's still happening. Please help

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September 2015

Re: 3 Day Account Review

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Hi RodneyWalker,


There can be varied reasons for the account going into review. Do you get any notification for the same? What does it say?


As we do not have account specific information here, we can't help much without knowing the reason. I would advise you to connect with the phone support as soon as you can. 


You can find information about phone support at the below URL -



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Re: 3 Day Account Review

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My account was under review, and after chatting with a lady last night, some how the ad went back up. Now, my ad is down again. This has nothing to do with a review regarding billing. For whatever reason, if I make any changes to my ads, they take my website down and this is not right or fair at all!. My ads were running fine yesterday, and then as soon as I created a new campaign, my ad immediately went down. Customer Service wants me to believe this is some Coincidence and it's not. Once my ad went up again last night, it was up all night, it was up this morning, and then I added a few new keywords. I changed my mind about those keywords and removed them, and then here we go again, my ad is down again. I pay this company way to much money to go through this. So basically i cant make any changes to my account, without my ad going down. I'm extremely pissed as today is FRIDAY, our biggest sales day, and now after my ad going up again all night, now it's down. Why WHy WHY?