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2 hotels, 2 adwords accounts?

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Hi ... 


I am working for a company which has been operating a Resort ("Resort A") for quite a long time. We have been doing adwords for close to 2 years with quite some success now. 


Now.. this company is opening a new Resort ("Resort B") nearby:

Resort A - 4 Star Hotel -

Resort B - 5 Star Hotel -


Now for Resort B i want to activate a new adwords account. I have already set up MCC, and a new adwords account and just need to activate the campaigns for this new adwords account. The point where I am concerned is , because the Website of Resort A is heavily interlinked (outbound links) and also I want to make a special Webpage about "Resort B" on the website of Resort A (and in the future visa verca).


My Questions are:

1. If i advertise the Resort B via a new adwords account and both ads for Resort A and Resort B show up on the same SERP is this against google T&C (considering the websites are interlinked and there is a special webpage about Resort B on website Resort A)?


2. If both are bidding for the same keywords, do you think it is a smart move to do, since they would be basically competing against each other, although the segment and pricing of each Resort is different (4 Star against 5 Star Hotel)?

thanks in advance!


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Re: 2 hotels, 2 adwords accounts?

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Since both websites are different and they are targeting separate resorts its Ok to target the same keywords. Its a good idea to take the best performing keywords from Resort A and target for Report B. Hope it HelpsSmiley Happy


There are other optimizers who can help you with more suggestions.

Re: 2 hotels, 2 adwords accounts?

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thanks Structured... so it is Ok to advertise both resorts on seperate accounts each..


Even if Resort A is linking towards Resort B + Resort A Website has a single Webpage about Resort B?

Re: 2 hotels, 2 adwords accounts?

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Yes, its completely legal. But its better to get opinion from others too. So please wait so that others can respond.

Re: 2 hotels, 2 adwords accounts?

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Hello mirageresorts; Welcome;

Nice websites!!


This is a borderline case since, in general, Google does not allow "running ads for the same or similar businesses across multiple accounts triggered by the same or si... And , "advertisers should avoid running ads from different accounts on the same or similar keywords that point to the same or similar websites".


A list of specific, criteria whether you fall into this rule or not is listed under the Double Serving section of the Policy:


I went ahead and examined the specific criteria:

Both sites and brands have common ownership. No doubt about that.

The question ( as for the Policy) lies whether:

  • You offer a similar pricing (e.g. the two resorts are both 5 star resorts with similar pricing for same level rooms)
  • You offer the same level of customer support (e.g one reservation call center)

If the answer to these criteria is positive you might be in violation of the policy though these are two brands.




Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: 2 hotels, 2 adwords accounts?

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You can have two different URL domains in one campaign.

You can not have two different URL domains in on adgroup though.


If you have the same keyword in the one campaign they will be competing against each other and you will incur unnecessary costs.

I would analyse your Resort A campaign and work of the your data.

Use the Exact Match Impression Share (columns section) and determine whether that match type is lucrative. After all it is the most 'relevant' match type.

If so then change all the match types in that campaign to [exact match]. 

Then I would start up a fresh campaign for Resort B and avoid using that match type to avoid your keywords from competing.

Since its a relatively new campaign you might want to using other match types as it might be a lucrative testing methodology. 

Should you feel confident using the same/similar keywords to the original campaign you can always use +broad +match +modified and "phrase matched" keywords.

I would also take all the exact matched keywords from the original campaign and ad them as 'negative exacts' to assure your keywords are not competing. 


Hope this helps.

Re: 2 hotels, 2 adwords accounts?

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Hi Moshe,


thank you for your reply and in depth analysis . I guess it is better to be safe then sorry, as i dont want to get the dreaded "red bar" of account suspension. 


Therefore right now i think the best way is to build new campaigns in my orginal account and try to target for different keywords.


Re: 2 hotels, 2 adwords accounts?

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Hello, Stephan.


In this situation, my approach would be the following:


  • one campaign for Mirage, running only keywords which denote interest for that specific resort (Mirage, Bali 5 stars, etc.)
  • the same for Samabe (Samabe, Bali 4 stars, etc.)
  • one campaign with two ad groups, part of an experiment:
    • 50% of the traffic goes to a page on Mirage and highlights Mirage but also mentions Samabe lower on the page (special landing page)
    • 50% of the traffic goes to a page on Samabe and highlights Samabe but also mentions Mirage lower on the page (special landing page)


Why this? In the first case, if the visitor is not convinced about Mirage, maybe she may be convinced to opt for Samabe instead of leaving the site altogether. In the second case, there's an upselling oppportunity (I think I got it right and Mirage is more expensive, in case it's the other way around, then everything is reversed in my explanation).


Plus, research shows that whenever a visitor has a comparison term it's easier for him to make a decision. So "get Mirage for X or Samabe for Y" normally has more success than "either get one for Z or leave the website".


Good luck. As Moshe said, nice websites & nice location, obviously.


<joking>Should you require on-site (in Bali) advice, I'm sure many community members could be persuaded to take some time off their busy schedule in order to assist you, if you can take care of the flight and accomodation Smiley Wink.</joking>

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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