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2 Campaigns for same city, differnt websties.

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Hey everyone, I currently have an issue. I have a main domain  which has landing pages for various locations, say, which I use for our campaigns. I want to add a new campaign for the same City (so same city, settings, keywords, etc), but I want to promote, and not


Is this doable?

Re: 2 Campaigns for same city, differnt websties.

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Hi robertoj,


Yes, this is possible as long as you're not trying to run ads to both sites at the same time.


You are able to change the display and destination URL's of your existing ads to point them to the new site.


It might be a better idea to pause off your existing campaign and duplicate it. Then make your changes in the copied campaign so you can keep the original as it is in case you ever need to bring it back.


A quick way to do this would be to use AdWords Editor as it lets you copy and paste and make bulk changes very easily.


Google wouldn't serve ads for both sites, using the same keywords, from the same account at the same time. It's against the double serving policy.