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2 Campaigns - 1 Website violated policy got warned and banned instantly

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Last week ive gone through 5 or so account reviews and that turned out well. This week i was undergoing a thorough policy review for the websites I advertise for (took from monday to today/friday) and my ads went live about an hour ago. Happy to finally start advertising, however...


2 days ago i added a new website, which was denied today and i called to support to ask why, and it was obvious i missed some claims and should have kept my eyes open, apoligised and told them i'd correct the mistakes before resubmitting again and even deleted the campaigns.


During that conversation on the phone, i got an email with a "Warning of possible suspension" and if I submit sites like that one more time i will be banned. (Please note that this is a very popular dieting website, where almost all users following this lose 1kg a week, for up to 10 weeks however i know i should have classified some phrases on the website as claims and removed them)


30 Minutes later, with my original campaign fine and approved after a full week of investigating, suddenly I'm banned.


Is it normal to warn me, and ban me at the same time? I dont get why, ive been very helpful and been in touch with support throughout the week, I was on the phone with them constantly and after 1 simple mistake, on a honest and effective weight loss website (which basically promotes a healthy lowcarb diet and exercise for up to 10 weeks) i get banned right away?


Look at nuvoryn, they advertise all over with ripped before and after ads, stating people lost 1x-3x KG by using some bogus diet pill they sell, and they have been around for months.


Why do I get victimized, while ive been nothing but supportive and only made 1 simple mistake, didnt get any time to correct the mistake (allthough I did that myself by immediately removing the campaigns where the display url was denied) and just get banned right away?


Im lost....

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September 2015

Re: Policy violated / weight loss

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Hello maartenras; Welcome to our community;

So, have you fixed the site to be in compliance with the policy ? (Can you share your URL?) 

Please note the the policy on  weight loss is clear:

In another discussion, I gave an example of an unrealistic claim for weight loss:  losing  an unreasonable number of calories per day. (Check my highlighted answer in this link)





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