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11th case of a Weekend AdWords Phishing Ad for AdWords account logins

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Just a couple of hours after reporting an AdWords Ad which was leading o a phishing page simulating the AdWords login page, another one appeared. I reported it with the dedicated form for phishing Ads but who knows how many more similar can appear.


As I am searching "adwords romania" , this phishing AdWords Ad sits on the right hand side with the same strange display URL "adwords.adwords.adwords.adwords.adw... " and the description lines copied from the genuine Google Ad saying "Start Advertising Today.Grow Your Business Online." . On a second search it also appears on top, above the genuine Google  AdWords Ad (see screensho below)2nd-phishing-adwords-ad-on-top.png


What is new to this AdWords phishing Ad is the domain used in the click string below , this morning was now it is .

The end of the clickstring looks like this &adurl=


It is the first time that I get to see 2 versions of these Ads today.


As I click the Ad it sends me to the same domain as final URL which is , this is the landing page :


Here are the screenshots




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Re: 11th case of a Weekend AdWords Phishing Ad for AdWords account log

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@Adrian B

Please post all cases within the same original thread, so Google will be able to follow. 

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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