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10 days and can't find my own ad - support is useless

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I created a campaign on March 8th.  Did extensive research/reading.  I run a company which teaches the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, a mandatory course in Canada for firearms ownership.  I realized most of my keywords and my ad would be under review.  They were, for about 3 days. 


Now, the "under review" is gone.  Everything is "eligible" and the campaign is active.  It's set to auto, so I've got a very high CPC max.  Not one hit, and I can't find it when I search. 


I call Google Adwords, go through a million screeners.  Get a guy who proceeds to take a half an hour to tell me that some of my keywords were probably flagged for review.  No, really?  He said, and I quote "there's an automatic electronic check that takes place, but for ones like yours, it's a manual check.  Your stuff is probably still under review." 


Well, is it or isn't it?  I'm phone YOU to ask.  He doesn't know, and has no suggestions other than "maybe use the Google keyword generator."  I did, genius.  Most of mine COME from the generator, and STILL got flagged. 


So here I am, 12 days later, he's no help, everything *looks* right, but it's not working.  Oh, and my promo code (spend 50 to get $166 in free adwords dollars) is expiring soon, and he says he can't extend the date.


Any suggestions?  GA moderators? Community Members?


Very frustrated by this.

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Re: 10 days and can't find my own ad - support is useless

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Hi Luke

Please go to Ad Preview Tool and search for the keyword that you are targeting to know the reason for not showing your ad. Also there is a option of keyword diagnosis at keyword tab in Details drop down menu. Select all the keywords and check the keyword diagnosis option.

Hope this helps!


Re: 10 days and can't find my own ad - support is useless

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Hi Luke,


I second Abhishek's response. This is exactly what you should do. 


Since you mentioned that your course was targeted to Canada, double check how you have your targeting set up. Also that Canada, or whatever targeting you are using is selected when you use the Ad Preview Tool. 


Please let us know if you have any additional questions. We'd be happy to help.