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Jiří K

Proč zakazujete Arginin, když je Arginin v ČR volně prodejný?! Nemůžete takto zneužívat svého monopolního postavení a nutit mě stáhnout z obchodu produkty. Arginin je prostě jedna z aminokyselin. Klidně si blokujte, co dám na Google. Ale nemůžete mi přikazovat, co budu v ČR prodávat, pokud VY NEDODRŽUJETE ZÁKONY ČR!


I'm happy to inform you that some of your ads has been approved. No action taken on ohter ads, as their status is correct as per AdWords policies. Please remove the "Arginin" term from the site so the ads can be approved.


abhishek g
I am running ad on my website, for getting my website on organic traffic, I want to update my meta and other info. Is it safe to make the changes while the ad is running. Please suggest me the best method so that the ad is not effected neither my website gets spammed by Google.
Tomi H

I'm digital planner at part of one media. I want to get high daily traffic on my channel. My channel is second screen of television. Please suggest me for get high daily traffic with google adwords. 


All best Smiley Happy

Shahid A

I have created AdWords account for my new website Barakatalan and I am using the new version of Google AdWords. I am unable to find how to delete the campaign. Please guide me.





1 month ago

What happened to the experiment v campaign comparison graphic?

It's too useful to drop, and I won't be moving to the new Adwords until I can find it!adwords experiment comparison.JPG







I just took the Adwords Fundamental Assigment exam and the questions were different from what they teached me. Example: questions about Console... I have to do it again! grrrrrrr