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abhishek g
I am running ad on my website, for getting my website on organic traffic, I want to update my meta and other info. Is it safe to make the changes while the ad is running. Please suggest me the best method so that the ad is not effected neither my website gets spammed by Google.
Tomi H

I'm digital planner at part of one media. I want to get high daily traffic on my channel. My channel is second screen of television. Please suggest me for get high daily traffic with google adwords. 


All best Smiley Happy


What happened to the experiment v campaign comparison graphic?

It's too useful to drop, and I won't be moving to the new Adwords until I can find it!adwords experiment comparison.JPG







Genevieve M

I just took the Adwords Fundamental Assigment exam and the questions were different from what they teached me. Example: questions about Console... I have to do it again! grrrrrrr

Nithy F

how to create usa adwords with dollar payment?

ahmed s

Dear Sir

i am planining to make branding campagin to some companies are intersted in our same industry.

for wxample:

we supply materials to water treatemnt companies.

above water treatment companies,i now thier interstes via our experince ,so i would like to show my ads on thier browser when they start thier working on thier compuiers.

i tried to find our industery in listed catogeries in google but did not find.

how to add our industry intersts to  Existed cataogries,