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Academy for Ads: AdWords Fundamentals



AdWords Fundamentals covers basic and intermediate concepts, including the benefits of online advertising and AdWords, and best practices for managing and optimizing AdWords campaigns.


To get started, click here.


AdWords Fundamentals content:

  • Learn the basics of AdWords
  • Choose where customers see your ads
  • Create effective text ads
  • Enhance your ads with extensions
  • Choose the best campaign types
  • Organize your account for success
  • Reach customers with targeting
  • Help customers find you
  • Control which searches trigger your ads
  • Make your ads seen
  • Match media cost models with your budget
  • Determine a good bidding strategy
  • Select your bid strategy
  • Adjust bids to favor performers
  • Align your budget with your goals
  • Evaluate campaign performance
  • Avoid editorial errors
  • Address trademark disapprovals

Pass the assessment and earn an achievement

  • AdWords Fundamentals Assessment

James_Clemens Top Contributor

@nayp 2,


Please stop spamming our communities. Your account is flagged and further abuse will bring a ban to your account. 




Epic fail from the very beginning....


2017-12-22 13_10_02-Launching your video campaign.png

Mihir S

Started in the Digital Garage to get certified in different areas but the Google links and content keep going off on tangents and out of order so it is very confusing and frustrating from a user standpoint because there is old content and inconsistent information and links. Can someone from Google contact me?

Mardani B

This post code format is not recognised please help me

okeke m

I am very happy i passed this fundamental examination scoring 84% at a single sitting. 

Alexander p
February - last edited February

 What a great course! I passed it and also passed google digital garage!

Sherry M

I'm very happy to announce I passed the AdWords Fundamentals with 84% Smiley Happy Onward and Upward.. Here we go whole new world Smiley Happy 

Hi Sherry,


Congratulations on knocking out the AdWords Fundamentals exam. Smiley Happy


Have you decided which one you will be taking next so you can become certified in a AdWords product? 


Kind Regards,



Sherry M

Hi James!


Thank you so much Smiley Happy 


I'm going to focus on mastering all of the content in the Adwords section of Acadamy for Adwords. There are about 10 areas to tackle. I'm committed to becoming a Google Partner but I have to get my business off the ground too. So, it's one step at a time. How long have you been involved in working on the Google Content? 


Oh, and Analytics, I need to do that one too. Soon.


Smiley Happy


Hi Sherry,


You are welcome. Smiley Happy


It's excitingly-fun to dive in to AdWords and start the certification process. Academy for Ads is a great resource and toolset for advancing intelligence with all of the AdWords' products and more. With determination you will achieve your goals and far surpass them, too.


Being a badged Google Partner brings many great experiences, so I do hope you stay the course and reach your destination. I have been one for many years and I have greatly enjoyed my journey. I assist with the Google Partners program, so please do reach out if you run into any questions. I started working with AdWords in 2002 and have remained steady & loyal to making it the best possible for all users, including myself and my clients. It's powerful, challenging and rewarding. 


Since you mention getting your business off the ground, perhaps you will find one of the articles I wrote for Google helpful. It's titled: Marketing Your Agency and it should provide some solid advice that will rocket your success forward.


Be sure to visit us in the Google Partners Community (one digital floor up from AdWords) and let us know how things are going. We are rooting for your success!


Kind Regards,