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Academy for Ads: AdWords Basics



AdWords Basics covers basic and intermediate concepts, including the benefits of online advertising and AdWords, and best practices for managing and optimizing your campaigns.


To get started, click here.


AdWords Basics content:

  • Learn the basics of AdWords
  • Choose where customer see your ads
  • Create effective text ads
  • Enhance your ads with extensions
  • Choose the best campaign types
  • Organize your account for success
  • Reach customer with targeting
  • Help customer find you
  • Control which searches trigger your ads
  • Make your ads seen
  • Match media cost models with your budget
  • Determine a good bidding strategy
  • Select your bid strategy
  • Adjust bids to favor performers
  • Align your budget with your goals
  • Evaluate campaign performance
  • Avoid editorial errors
  • Address trademark disapprovals

Pass the Assessment and earn an Achievement

  • AdWords Assessment

AdWords Fundamentals Certification Exam

  • Certification exam - AdWords Fundamentals

James_Clemens Top Contributor

@nayp 2,


Please stop spamming our communities. Your account is flagged and further abuse will bring a ban to your account. 



Epic fail from the very beginning....


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Mihir S

Started in the Digital Garage to get certified in different areas but the Google links and content keep going off on tangents and out of order so it is very confusing and frustrating from a user standpoint because there is old content and inconsistent information and links. Can someone from Google contact me?